Young male entrepreneurs take the spotlight

The Bureau of Gender Affairs on Saturday showcased some of the positive efforts being made by men at the International Men’s Day Exhibition and Symposium held in Queen’s Park Steel Shed.

The exhibition highlighted young entrepreneurs in agriculture, agrotechnology and the service industry.

Acting Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth Senator Harcourt Husbands commended the Bureau and others men’s organization for bringing the initiative to fruition.

Members of the Men’s Educational Support Association, the Anglican Men’s Association of Barbados, Men’s Health And Educational Support Group, the UWI Youth Development Programme, the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute and the TVET Council were some of the entities who organized and participated in the exhibition.

Recognizing the importance of the theme Making a Difference for Men and Boys, Senator Husbands said that it was imperative that the public not lose hope because of the negative images of the island’s young males.

“It is important that we do not equate the negativity that surrounds some sections of our youth with all young men. We must acknowledge the positive contributions that our men and boys are making to society,” he said.

Husbands went on to add that the ministry will continue to fight and advocate for the empowerment and improvement of the island’s youth as proposed in the National Youth Policy, despite the limited resources available.

“Our efforts to further address the plight of our young men will not stop here as we continue to respond to the emerging challenges that appear before us,” he added.

Acting Director of the Bureau Of Gender Affairs, Patricia Boyce noted that more males were participating in entrepreneurship as a viable career option and seeking innovative ways to create income.

“Research has shown that men are more willing to operate in such a climate which includes high levels of financial risk,” she said.

“Entrepreneurship includes the ability to take risks, adapt to change and work in a highly competitive environment,” she added.

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  1. Helicopter(8P) November 20, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Some of these young men can go into partnership under trademark laws and legalities. Their business may become more sucessfull due to the range of products produced for the consumers.


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