Hillaby keeps hope alive for missing fisherman

The people of Hillaby, St Thomas are clinging desperately onto hope that missing community member Kenmore Mayers will be found alive, a week after he disappeared while fishing.

The 42-year-old Mayers and his friend, 38-year-old police constable Wallace Hayden Odain Greenidge of Four Hill, Indian Ground, St Peter, were fishing in the area of the Animal Flower Cave in Connell Town, St Lucy on Friday night November 10, when they both disappeared.

Kenmore Mayers was last seen alive a week ago.

Greenidge’s body was found floating in the water in the same vicinity on Sunday, but the search continues for Mayers.

Darrell Lowe, one of Mayers’ neighbours, told Barbados TODAY as long as a body has not been found the entire community remains hopeful, while staying close to their radios for any news about their friend.

“All we can do now is hope and pray. We have to keep trusting God and hope for the best. Anything is possible, so you have to keep trusting and keep believing,” Lowe said.

“We haven’t heard anything as yet so we are just waiting and hoping to hear something, anything. We just want them to find him.”

Fishing was one of Mayer’s favourite pastimes, making his disappearance while on a fishing expedition all the more difficult for the community to stomach, according to Lowe.

“Fishing is one of his main hobbies. He would go on a regular basis and come back. Everyone knows he loved fishing,” the grief-stricken neighbour said.

2 Responses to Hillaby keeps hope alive for missing fisherman

  1. BOBOTHECLOWN November 18, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Was the sea rough when these guys went fishing? Were they fishing from a cliff or a rock ,and might have been swept away by a large wave? Were these guys able swimmers ? These are questions that everyone would like to know. Did they disappear during the night. It’s is quite amazing to see all the folk that are fishing these days.Men and women.
    Many of whom cannot swim ,but will take the chance of following others who are good swimmers to areas where in some instances they shouldn’t be going. I’ve witnessed it at Bath a few years ago where two men went way out fishing where there is some deep areas steps away from shallow only to have one fall into the deep area two or three feet from his friend who was unable to help him. Fortunate enough the life guard got there on time.
    it would be a good idea not to venture in areas you are not familiar with unless you are capable of swimming.Even then ensure you are with some one that can aid if you get into trouble.

  2. Ian November 22, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    Being a avid swimmer and fisherman myself i totally agree with the comment above persons that are not good swimmers should never venture beyond certain places and dispute recent deaths of people falling from cliffs we still continued to risk our lives out there for a few fish is life more precious than that.


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