Flow lends a helping hand to St Jude’s

Students and teachers of St Jude’s will be sitting comfortably for the New Year and beyond.

That’s because telecommunications provider Flow recently donated a suite of classroom furniture, including specially designed tables, to the primary school, which is based in St George.

“When we were contacted by St Jude’s we were moved by their situation so we made a decision to help. They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, so we thought this would be a timely gift that will keep on giving for years to come,” said Marilyn Sealy, director of communication and stakeholder management, Flow Barbados.

The furniture was designed and produced by the local firm, Unique Works, which donated two additional tables as part of the project.

“This week is doubly special for us at Flow as we are celebrating Mission Day in Barbados and across all Flow markets on Thursday, and beyond keeping Barbadians connected to the things that matter most, we are living our mission of connecting communities and transforming lives through contributions such as this. I know our entire team is proud of the effort and we wish the teachers and students of St Jude’s all the very best.”

Undine Shorey, principal of St Jude’s Primary, thanked Flow for the generous contribution.

“We cannot thank Flow enough. We reported the matter and made appeals but because of a lack of funds there were no orders placed for any new furniture, so we are very grateful that Flow has stepped up and helped St Jude’s. I know the children are also very happy to have an improved environment for learning and the teachers are looking forward to working in a refreshed setting,” she said.

With a motto of Nothing’s Gained Without Hard Work, the school was opened on its present site in St Jude’s Village in June 1955.

Source: (PR) 

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