Mum’s hurting

. . . But Williams ‘won’t be grieving as the world grieves’ after Savio’s drowning

Sixteen-year-old Savio Fergusson had big dreams of becoming a civil engineer and a cricketer, and in his mother’s eyes, he also had a successful future.

In fact, hours before his dreams came to a sorrowful end yesterday, mother and son were discussing his future while on their way to church.

“We left home on Sunday together for church because my policy is church first, anything else after. We were ministering to each other going down. I started to declare things over his life that he would be successful, but I told him it would be up to him to bring it to pass. The very last thing I told him Sunday was, ‘I know it may look like I’m trying to hold back on you now, but where you’re going, you’re going to need the finances for down there because it’s a bright future you have’. And he received it,” Antonella Williams told Barbados TODAY at her St Judes, St George home.

The late Savio Fergusson
The late Savio Fergusson and his mom Antonella Williams during her birthday celebrations in October 2016.

Savio, a student of The Alexandra School, drowned last evening at Port Ferdinand beach in St Peter while on an outing with his teammates.

The boys had decided to visit the beach after the cancellation of their cricket game, which was scheduled for the nearby Coleridge & Parry School grounds.

Although struck by grief, Williams, a devout Christian, appeared to be a tower of strength today, praying and offering praises to God, while accepting her loss because “God knows best”.

“You may be wondering how this woman is standing up here, but it’s only by the grace of God. When the Master calls for what is His, you can’t make a fuss. I’m not making a fuss, but I’m declaring that God knows best,” she said, having warmly welcomed Barbados TODAY into her home.

“I will hurt, and everyone else will hurt, but God knows best. I’m at peace. I saw him today again, I was granted favour to see him at Two Sons [Funeral Home] and I prayed for him,” she added.

Admitting that she would grieve, but not “as the world grieves”, the mother spoke of her only child in glowing terms, describing Savio as a respectful teenager and “a gem to me and to his father”.

“I always taught him to speak his mind, so he spoke his mind, but with respect because mummy don’t cool out. He was a loving boy, very caring. He took care of me. He was my tower of strength.  I’m really proud to be his mum,” she said.

“He was selfless. He gave of himself. We always did things together, so you could understand how I’m feeling right now. I truly miss him, I do. But I’m not grieving as the world grieves.”

After the cricket match was cancelled, Savio did not tell his mum of his plans to accompany his teammates to the beach.

Williams said he probably knew she would have objected because she never allowed him to go to the beach if she were not with him.

Therefore, it came as a huge shock to her when her pastor, Sandra Holford, gave her the news.

“She said, ‘Antonella, something is wrong, terribly wrong’. I told her, ‘just tell me what it is’. She said, ‘apparently Savio drowned. We need to go see him’. I said, ‘Mother Sandra, you can’t be right, not my baby. You can’t be right’.

“When I got there he was actually still warm. So when they say I was wailing, I wasn’t wailing as a mother that doesn’t understand, I was praying over him and I was calling on God for him and asking him to do a miracle for him,” she explained.

Williams did not say what the miracle was for which she was praying. However, she managed a smile as she spoke of her son’s relationship with God.

“He loved God. At eight years old he gave his life to God, he pursued God. I live a life before God that he could see. I always said he’s not an ordinary teenager, he comes with an extra touch. He would always tell me I gave him a tall order. In the last two weeks, he really started to shape up and fly right. And I saw it and I mentioned it to him,” she said.

While Williams was doing her best to hold up, she said her parents were not coping well at all.

They helped to raise Savio while she worked, and they were close to him, the mother explained.

“They saw him walk the first time. My dad isn’t talking much and mummy is holding on by the grace of God. Everyone is pulling together, even my neighbours are pulling together. My pastor, she has been with me throughout this entire time. My church family, my home family and work family, they have been with me. They all helped raise him,” she said, while seeking to comfort Savio’s friends.

“I need them to be strong. He was a leader and he always had people around him. I just want them to be strong, and even though they may not see him anymore, I want them to know that he had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and they too can make it right with God, making sure that heaven is their home.

“I want those children to be obedient to their parents. Don’t think that we as parents want to restrict you, but there is a boundary that they need to be in at this point in time at their age. Where they don’t see the danger, we see it lurking. I want his friends to be obedient to their parents and those set in authority over them,” Williams said.

3 Responses to Mum’s hurting

  1. Thunder November 13, 2017 at 11:59 pm

    Your story touched me,loosing your only child isn’t easy but yet you remain a tower of strength to those who are around you,some days will not be easy,but just take it one day at a time!
    What is important is that his soul was right with God,and when you are living right,God can call us home at any time,continue to be a tower of strength to others,and I can assure you, because of what you went through, you will be able to minister to grieving parents,continue to be strong, my prayers are ever with you!

  2. Helicopter(8P) November 14, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    Well said MOTHER! We share your pain. My condolances and may he rest in peace!

  3. Muriel November 14, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    What a strong Christian woman.. may he fly high on angel wings


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