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The National Productivity Council has teamed up with the Girl Guides Association of Barbados to build a culture of productivity in this island’s school system.

As a starting point, the Council today launched its National Productivity Badge at the Baobab Towers in Warrens, St Michael with Girl Guide leaders and members of the Young Leaders and Rangers.

The badge, which is being used to jointly commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Girl Guides Association and the Year of Productivity, will be awarded to the over 2,000  members of the Blossoms, Brownies, Girl Guides and Young Leaders groups after they have completed the necessary requirements.

Chief Commissioner of the Girl Guides Association Nadia Skeete explained that the organization was aiming to tackle the issue of low productivity from an early age.

“Every Barbadian needs to be on board in regards to productivity, from the youngest child to the oldest adult in order for us to see some level of improvement that would in turn aid in boosting the economic growth and development of our country,” said Skeete,  who is also an economist at the National Productivity Council.

She emphasized that once the positive value was developed in the early stages of a student’s development it was likely to be engrained by the time they were ready to enter the world of work.

“This badge is to try to encourage them [to know] what is productivity, why they should be productive and how there are a great deal of benefits that can be afforded to them personally and professionally,” the chief commissioner explained.

“If you start to put the concept of productivity into their minds now, and they continue through to their . . . senior level . . . being productive should be a habit.

“We would have inculcated a sense of excellence and productivity thinking would be in them,” she added.

Productivity Officer Jannell Arthur endorsed the view, saying the Council saw the project as an initiative that could create future generations of productive citizens.

“We thought being able to address and help an entire four generations in the lifespan of a person, going from youth to adulthood, and being able to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to forge a path in this world, that would make them productive citizens of the world,” Arthur said.






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