St George residents losing patience with waste hauler

Residents of Lower Estate and surrounding St George communities say they are fast running out of patience with the owner of the nearby landfill, Anderson Fat Child Cherry, and are concerned that they can no longer take him at his word after he had promised to put them out of their current misery within six months.

“Initially, he said give him six months. We said ‘ok, we will give you the six months’, [but] he hasn’t gotten back to us,” said Roger Craigg, who is coordinator of a 12-member committee set up by the residents last month to keep the prominent waste hauler in check.

However, since then Cherry, who is the chief executive officer of Project Recycle and Jose y Jose Liquid & Solid Waste Management Inc., has failed to keep his promise to have the “toxic” fumes from the dump gone in two weeks time.

Craigg explained that while the unpleasant odour had subsided somewhat, residents were still affected by sudden, sporadic flare-ups at the dump.

“It is not every day that you smell it, but you are getting the occasional flare ups. The last major one was on the 31st of October. What we are experiencing is that everything seems to be ok and then you getting a sudden blast and then it goes away, so it is not as often as it was before. We are not getting the sudden blasts in one particular area. Sometimes Airy Hill has it, sometimes I have it [in Lower Estate],” he explained.

Craigg also said while residents had been looking forward to the permanent closure of the dump within six months, they were now concerned that the goal post had also shifted on that promise.

“The last conversation I had with him [Cherry] was about the shredder. He said the shredder is going to be here in two months and he would bring it here [at dump], . . . it would grind up the stuff there and then he would take the stuff over to Vaucluse [St Thomas],” Craigg said.

However, Cherry told Barbados TODAY on Monday that while the shredder was likely to arrive on island within six months, he was still awaiting Town & Country Planning’s permission to set up his shredding plant at Vaucluse.

“We all know how these planning permission things go, especially with these types of projects. It is not a house that he asking permission to construct. We know how long that is drawn out,” Craigg said, while suggesting that Cherry had only himself to blame.

“He put himself in this [quandary]. He, with this facetious comment all the time about . . . ‘the residents are happy, except maybe few’ to which I take offence. He keeps talking about how much money he spending [but] it is not our fault he is spending tens of thousands of dollars,” Craigg added even as Cherry continues to offer assurances that he heard the cries of residents and that he is working on the problems confronting them.

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  1. milli watt November 9, 2017 at 10:12 am

    boss man playing for time…….if he there by year end the dog dead he own wunnuh for at least five years (in the first instance) lololol becareful what you wish for you just might get it.

  2. Ossie Moore November 9, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    Lord mek piece “Fat Child ” dem people up deh so done mek fun dem is nuff Masonic people bosey ! En looka you done want dem put two A. Y. Ward in duh head! Boy do the right ting!

  3. gsmiley November 9, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    Ossie Moore fyi he in only affecting dem. He affecting all classes


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