Sold out junior finals

If you were thinking of attending the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) performing arts junior finals, and you haven’t had a chance to buy a ticket, then you are completely out of luck.

The junior finals will come off this coming Friday at the Major Noot Hall at Combermere School. Chief Cultural Officer with the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), Andrea Wells, told the media yesterday she is not surprised that tickets have already gone because there has always been huge support for the young people.

“As usual, it was the fastest selling night. The tickets are all gone so this tells you that there’s a lot of support at the community level for this,” she said.

Wells said persons attending the finals could expect a grand show, as there was something for everyone. “So you can expect on Friday an excellent night of entertainment in dance, music and theatre. Nineteen different acts will be on stage; a total of 24 performances and our youth and the persons who write for them, who produce and choreograph for them, are not staying far from the issues.”

Wells added: “They’re very topical, a line up of entertainment dealing with issues of taxes, sexual harassment, the environment and health. All the issues that are of concern to our wider community, our young people are going to be dealing with in very insightful and very entertaining ways on Friday.”

She said she was especially pleased to see the young ones tackling the big issues and not being shy in doing so. “NIFCA is a festival where we have always encouraged participants to explore issues of identity, issues of nationhood and the juniors night will have something for everyone. They aren’t shying away from it and the young people are doing extremely well.”

The Chief Cultural Officer added: “For the last few years, the NCF has tried hard to bring a special focus to our youth who take part in NIFCA because we recognize that NIFCA is very much a developmental platform and the investment in our youth via their teachers, choreographers, community leaders is very important.”

The finals are sponsored again by Sagicor. In remarks,  Sagicor’s Assistant Vice President- Marketing, Carolyn Shepard, encouraged Barbadians to continue offering support to the youth.

“Let us show our young people that while we embrace a global community, we are still proud of this distinctive culture that makes us Bajan,” she said.

Following the junior finals, the theatre finals will come off on Saturday, the music finals on Sunday and the dance finals will bring the NIFCA performing arts to an end on Monday. All shows begin at 7 p.m at the Major Noot Hall.

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