Clarke – A clear winner

After two compelling performances Sunday night at the 2017 Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition Finals, it was guaranteed that Trinity Clarke would be unrivaled to take the first place spot.

The petite 11-year-old student of the Alexandra School hit it home with her robust and thrilling rendition of Yet Still I Rise and My Redeemer Lives at the Hilton Resort, leaving second and third place winners Kenya Joseph and Tarique Griffith in her wake.

With a total of 957 points, Clarke received a $6,000 cheque and a scholarship to the Barbados Community College. Her delivery of Yet Still I Rise was provoking and enthralling, solidifying her position in the competition’s top three.

The outstanding performance was so well received from the audience that she received a 30-second round of applause. After a solid first half performance, she did not falter but only stepped it up a couple of notches with My Redeemer Lives where she had the crowd in awe and praising her vocal ability.

A crowd favourite, all attention was on Clarke as she delivered an impeccable performance that was equivalent to a stalwart.

The audience and judges unanimously agreed that out of the 17 contestants, Kenya Joseph was the dark horse that evening. She unsuspectingly wowed everyone crowded into the venue with her second half performance which was so electrifying that one male member of the audience started frantically cheering and jumping in the front of the stage.

Singing One Night Only and I am Telling You by Jennifer Hudson, Joseph received 831 points from the judges. The 17-year-old’s delivery of One Night Only in the first half was a commendable performance in which she showcased her vocal range and capabilities. However, it lacked the dynamism and pizazz that she brought to the stage in the second half when she lost herself in the song I Am Telling You

Joseph’s powerful vocals and range kept the judges and audience on their seats as they watched in anticipation as to what she would do next. It was a hair-raising moment as she sang her final note to thunderous applause. Based on her second half presentation, Joseph was a shoe-in for the top three but it was unfortunate that her initial performance was not as captivating.

One of two male vocalists to perform on the Hilton Barbados stage, Tarique Griffith’s presentations were thoughtfully executed. The 17-year-old chose safe songs that were within his vocal range and did not exert his capacity. With a total of 773 points, the third place winner went away with the Muriel Niles Trophy and $1,500 after serenading the crowd with two classics – Suddenly by Billy Ocean and On the Wings Of Love by Jeffrey Osbourne.

Nineteen-year-old Amanda Mascoll also gave a commendable performance. Her voice was calming and serene as she delivered Dream in Colour by Regina Belle in the first half and followed with Didn’t We Almost Have It All by Whitney Huston in the second half. Her only flaw was apparently forgetting some of the lyrics during her second half performance, but she smoothly glided through the incident to take the fourth place position in the competition.

While Tahariah Gibbons did not place, the 10-year-old showed great potential with amazing vocal range. The petite Gibbons belted her way through Rise Up and Footprints in the Sand. Despite her exceptional vocals, her pronunciation was a slight problem as she was inaudible at times.

Agape Henry was also a crowd favourite for her stellar performance. She showed incredible showmanship and confidence in her renditions of One and Only and Make You Feel My Love by Adele.

Other finals performers included Zukeli Inniss, Jessica Green, Tavon Boyce, Jalissa Edwards, Neesha Welch, Shonate Alleyne-Clarke, Jessica Alleyne, Keressa Chase, Casey Jemmott, Jakela Stoute and the Right Combination.

Source: by Katrina King

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