Choosing the right boyfriend

As we approach the inevitable general election, voters have a most important decision to make.  Who will they select to manage their affairs for the next five years?  During this time, political parties will try to entice voters to vote for them.

There are currently three political parties with over 20 candidates.  The Democratic Labour Party (DLP), the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and Solutions Barbados (SB).  The BLP and DLP are skilled at wooing voters, who, for this article, shall be called Lady Barbados.  They are the equivalent of boyfriends whom she has had in the past.  Solutions Barbados is a new suitor.  How can he convince Lady Barbados that he truly cares for her?

Her experience with Boyfriend DLP has not been exciting.  He goes out with her but insists that she pay for everything.  The items are not the most expensive, so she pays for them.  He has made it clear that if she selects him as her boyfriend, he will never pay for anything.  She will always have to pay for herself, him and his friends, because he does not work.

Her experience with Boyfriend BLP is a lot more exciting.  He takes her on expensive trips and lavishes her with expensive gifts.  She feels so lucky to have him.  Then he presents her with a bill for all of the items.  She is shocked to learn that he had added her name to his credit card making her responsible for all of his purchases.  He tells her that she must pay the entire debt.  He also makes it clear that if she selects him, he will keep her in unsustainable debt by doing the same thing – but she will enjoy the gifts.

Lady Barbados is so disappointed and hurt by the actions of present Boyfriend DLP that she is considering returning to Boyfriend BLP.  Then she meets Solutions Barbados and he immediately shows her how she can pay off her debts without much difficulty.  He also works with her to start a new business and generate another revenue stream. He then helps her renegotiate her employment contract with her employer to protect her future earnings.

Solutions Barbados knows that she has been hurt by previous boyfriends, and is attentive to the cautious manner that she now approaches monetary issues.  So he prepares detailed financial plans for their future together and encourages her to get professional analysts to examine them and advise her accordingly.  He does this because he truly cares for her.

Lady Barbados considers her options and realizes that she no longer remembers the harm done to her by Boyfriend BLP – time has healed the wounds.  Now, she only remembers the expensive trips and gifts, and longs for that experience after being burdened so long with cheap and lazy Boyfriend DLP.

Solutions Barbados tries to warn her about the previous irresponsible ways and reckless debt promises of Boyfriend BLP.  However, she gets angry.  Why must I talk negatively about Boyfriend BLP?  Why can’t I just woo her without spoiling her dreams of an expensive lifestyle – the fine wines, tender sirloin, exquisite deserts, expensive jewellery, and Paris by night?

I try to convince her that our planned future will allow her to purchase any of those things herself.  But I am losing her.  I try to bring her back to reality, but she is lost in her dream world. She is certain that no-good Boyfriend DLP has to go.  But the recollection of the good times overpowers her.  She can smell the food, taste the wine, and feel the excitement of opening a present that she knows will be wonderfully delightful – oblivious to the fact that she will be forced to pay for it all.

If she makes the tragic decision to return to Boyfriend BLP, she will never know the stable future that she just, in a moment, gave up. Choose wisely, Lady Barbados!

Source: (Grenville Phillips II is the founder and leader of Solutions Barbados.

6 Responses to Choosing the right boyfriend

  1. Henry November 8, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    Good luck Solutions Barbados

  2. KB November 8, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    …so does Solutions Barbados ask her to sign a prenuptial agreement?……….and this is a serious political party. It would have easier for her to just flip a coin…until it lands on the right side.

  3. BARBADOS FIRST/PATRIOTIC PARTY (BF/PP) November 8, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    In order to progress as an independent woman, Lady Barbados must pay her own bills no matter if she is with an old or new boyfriend.

    Barbados need a team that will develop it when times are plentiful and is willing to sacrifice when times are hard.

    BF/PP appreciates those that want to be just volunteers and is still looking for potential candidates.


  4. BimJim November 8, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    As far as I am concerned, now that there are alternatives to the incumbents available all those who insist on voting for DLP or BLP simply have no idea how much damage those two Parties have caused to the nation, how dishonest they have become, and how little they now represent the Labour – lower and middle class – they started out protecting.

    It is unquestionably time for a change. It is unquestionably time for giving someone else a chance to show what they can do. It is unquestionably time to give the incumbents several years rest to examine their consciences and try to figure out how nest to return to their roots.

    As for the individuals, I will always believe that anyone who canvasses for votes in a new luxury vehicle worth more than the homes of their potential constituents, and wearing a gold watch worth at least two years untaxed salary of any of their potential constituents, should automatically be removed from all consideration.

    I won’t tell you who to vote for, but I will tell you I hope you will NOT vote for either the DLP or the BLP at the next election, regardless of the lies and promises they circulate to buy your vote.

    BOTH the BLP and the DLP need a “time out”.

  5. Just saying.... November 8, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    Really BimJim? Pretty transparent.

    Your suggestion will lead to a split vote and likely leave the owner of the expensive gold watch driving his new luxury vehicle in the driver’s seat….or is that what you are really attempting to accomplish?
    Bajans are far more educated and sophisticated than you give them credit for!!

  6. Destiny November 16, 2017 at 9:26 am

    At this stage a mature lady would need a husband not a boyfriend. Boys are just that .They still need to grow up .
    She would need a husband ,a man that is ready , willing and able to take on the responsibilities before him .If she has problems that are financial or otherwise he should be able to help her .If she has children he see them as his own too and is supportive cause he might bring his own .One happy family .
    Yes they will have issues like all families do but he will be there for the long haul .Good communication is the key to all good relationships If it is an old boyfriend and they had disagreements nothing wrong with settling differences for the common good .Never leave sure for unsure .
    The young man ,the boyfriend might just be coming to see what he can get .When he doesn’t get what he wants he might throw tantrums , want to abuse her , find something younger or up and leave .
    I am sure this lady might have heard her parents say new brooms sweep clean but old brooms know the corners .A strong independent lady with a strong husband , not only in brawn but brains .One who is loving compassionate and can together they can work to get the job done .


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