Final delivery . . . Nine postal workers retire from the service

Nine remarkable Barbadians, who collectively delivered 342 years of service to the Barbados Postal Service (BPS), were justly rewarded for a job well done this past weekend.

Addressing their retirement ceremony at the Sea Rocks Dome on Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church, Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Brathwaite was simply astonished by their level of dedication to their jobs.

“It seems to me like when you go to work at the post office, you don’t want to leave,” Brathwaite quipped, as he joined in the grand celebration of the contributions made by Edward Waithe and Judith Wharton, who each served 45 years; Hosford Forde, who gave 42 years to the BPS; Alfred Greenidge, 41 years; Margaret Walcott and Denis Worrell, who each put in 36 years; Clifford Lowe, 34 years; Shirley Rowe, 30 years; and Jannifer Gittens, 33 years.

The retirees served in various capacities, from cleaner to postmaster.

Brathwaite, who holds responsibility for the postal service, said that the work of the BPS, though often taken for granted, was critical.

Commenting on the respect the BPS enjoyed internationally, he said, “we are only as good as the whole. Unless the mail is sorted on time, delivered on time, unless all of you play your role, the international recognition that Barbados has will come to naught”.

However, while congratulating the retirees for their excellent years of service and commenting on the continued dedication of those remaining in the postal service, the Minister of Home Affairs could not help but acknowledge that amid rapid technological change, fewer letters were being written these days, and that the BPS now finds itself in competition with other entities for delivery of packages.

“We all continue to change and adapt,” the minister said, adding that “I am confident that based on what we have planned for the future that the post will still remain relevant to us as a country.

“We’re trying our best to look for other opportunities that we can keep the post office relevant, but more importantly trying to increase our profit margin,” he added.

The citations for the nine retirees told a tale of dedication and willingness to go the extra mile – literally- consistent with the level of service that the BPS has became known for since its inception in 1852.

Terms like “willing”, “selfless” and “committed” punctuated the evening’s celebrations as the retirees were deservingly toasted for a job well done. (GA)

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  1. Helicopter(8P) November 7, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    To Judith Wharton and Eddy Waithe both of whom I serve with in the Postal service as a young lad and the others whom had served after I had been gone I wish you all a very pleasant and healthy retirement! Brings back to my memory the days of Mr Cave and Mr St. Hill.


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