Hoyte steals loads of vitamins

A 51-year-old man, who stole hundreds of dollars worth of vitamins, will spend the next 21 months behind bars.

Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant handed down the sentence today to Rickie Anderson Hoyte, of no fixed place of abode, after he pleaded guilty to four counts of theft.

On September 1, Hoyte entered iMart Inc and made away with three bottles of Glucosamine Omega Chondroitin worth $161.40, six bottles of Haliborange Vitamin C worth $119.94 and two containers of Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil capsules worth $72.10.

He entered the establishment again on October 27 and stole three boxes of Seven Seas Joint Care tablets worth $172.50; seven tubes of Haliborange black currant tablets worth $79.96; three tubes of Haliborange lemon tablets worth $59.97; two boxes of Seven Seas capsules worth $77.10 and two boxes of Omega capsules worth $93.50.

He also stole two bottles of vitamins worth $239.78 from Massy Pharmacy Limited on September 12, and four bottles of Ceptol moisture lotion worth 4225.56 and six tubes of Seven Seas tablets worth $98.94 on October 1.

In every instance, Hoyte, who revealed that he had being using drugs for the past 31 years with no professional help, was caught on CCTV taking the items.

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