Blind faith in the BLP

Whenever I discuss politics with persons who are critical of the current DLP administration, they normally become visibly angry and frustrated – and with good cause.  The 20 economic downgrades and generally poor delivery of government services, can lead the public to conclude that this DLP administration is grossly incompetent.  The DLP’s response to the public’s concerns appears arrogant, which further angers the frustrated voter.

What is surprising is that these same people have concluded that the only solution to Barbados’ economic problems is to elect the BLP.  They think that anyone who cannot see this as the most obvious solution must be insane.  Any poll that reveals any support for the DLP puts them in a state of shocked bewilderment.

When I ask them whether they are aware of the BLP’s plan to improve the economy, they are instantly dismissive.  The only important thing to them is that we must vote for the BLP, and then let them get on with the job of improving the economy.

I really do not understand these blind-faith responses.  For over two years, Solutions Barbados’ proven and workable non-austerity economic plans have been published for the public to rigorously scrutinize.  The plans have been discussed, improved where necessary and remain available for the public to examine at

The BLP has reportedly indicated that they will reveal their economic plans six weeks after they are elected.  This means that their plans will not be properly examined before Election Day.  This approach is very unfair to the public, and it is an approach that we have tolerated for far too long.  Fortunately, the BLP recently gave us a glimpse of what we can expect at their recently concluded 8th Tom Adams Memorial Lecture.

The BLP economist-presenter stated: “Our mission will not be complete in the time given to us by the people.” He then explained why we had to endure at least five years of suffering. “It will be no easy task to repair the damage and get this country back on track.”

So we have been reliably informed by the BLP’s economist, that we can expect to suck salt during a BLP administration, because improving the economy is too difficult a task for them.  Yet, despite this frank admission, persons who are highly critical of the DLP’s performance are not even a little bit curious about what the BLP are planning for us.

When I inform them about the high risks of voting for plans that have not even been publicly revealed, otherwise rational people tell me that we must first elect the BLP and then hold them accountable.  I am gravely dismayed that rational persons could recommend such advice.

We seem to have very short memories when it comes to the arrogance of political administrations.  During election time, they appear in our neighbourhoods in sheep’s clothing, promising to be servant-leaders.  However, once they are elected, we all know who they reveal themselves to be.

How have we so easily forgotten that every BLP and DLP administration has been accused of an intolerable level of dismissive arrogance?  How have we forgotten that it has been practically impossible to hold any BLP or DLP administration accountable?  What in the BLP’s history makes these people think that they can be reasoned with or held accountable once they are in power?  This lunacy from otherwise sane persons is concerning.

For the past 51 years, Barbadians were figuratively between a rock and a hard-place.  This will be the first election where Barbadians will finally have a competent alternative where they can vote for their interests and those of their children.  Seize it Barbados by voting for Solutions Barbados candidates.

Source: (Grenville Phillips II is the founder and leader of Solutions Barbados.

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