Amateur night at Pirates Cove


The Williams sisters of lawn tennis fame have nothing on the Lythcott siblings.

It is one thing to beat your sister on the tennis court, but it is a different experience beating her in the boxing ring. And that is just what 20-year-old Iprecious Lythcott did when she came up against 22-year old Iniggakaya Lythcott in their light welterweight bout in the exciting Carlton Hope/Lionel Memorial Boxing Tournament at Pirates Cove Beach on Saturday night.

Iprecious Lythcott about to land a blow on Iniggakaya Lythcott.
Love you, sis.

After the fight, Iprecious told Barbados TODAY it felt odd striking her sister but they both knew it was simply what was expected in their amateur contest. Iprecious who was introduced to the sport by her older sister improved her record to eight wins against two defeats. She was the classier fighter in the contest, landing the heavier punches over the course of the three two-minute rounds that went the distance.

There were times when they circled each other seemingly reluctant to deliver heavy punishment, but when they did enter into combat there was no holding back. Iprecious won a clear-cut decision and their warm embrace after the fight demonstrated the sisters knew it was simply sport and no love lost.

The best fighter on show for the evening was middleweight Shakaun Lashley of the National Gym. He was technically crafty, moved well in the ring, slipped punches well, paced himself well, displayed a good lead jab and landed some effective combinations to both head and body of his opponent Ision Fraser of the Oldbury Gym. Lashley had to be on top of his game because Fraser is no mug and over the three rounds did enough to show he has lots of talent. But Lashley looked the class act on the card.

Shakaun Lashley (left) battling against Ision Fraser.

One of the most exciting fights of the night was the light welterweight contest between Belfield Gym’s Derek Hyman and Peter Murray of the National Gym. The fight also showed how important it is to be fit for boxing. By the end of the fight both boxers were literally holding up each other from exhaustion. But they could have been excused because it was action throughout the three rounds with both giving as good as they got. But while Hyman might have swung more it was Murray who actually landed the heavier punches and with greater frequency. 

In a welterweight exhibition bout between Brittany Knight and Keysha Applewhaite, the former could consider herself somewhat fortunate to have got the decision. This match-up, which went the three rounds, was very close with Applewhaite showing slightly better boxing nous. She pressed the action throughout the fight with Knight employing her version of the ‘rope-a-dope’ where she leant on the ropes and invited her opponent’s assault. But when she came out of that feint she did not deliver the type of punishment on Applewhaite to justify the strategy. But she got the judges’ nod so perhaps the end justified the means.

Action between Brittany Knight (right) and Keysha Applewhaite.

Ajayi Jones showcased the fitness and form which is the hallmark of those fortunate to be part of the Barbados Defence Force Sports Programme and emerged victorious over the National Gym’s Brandon Lee in a lightweight bout.

Ajayi Jones (left) slips this shot from Brandon Lee.

In other fights on the night Rashawn Holder of the Briar Hall Gym beat Belfield Gym’s Stephan Harding in two rounds, Tyree Weekes-Haynes of the National Gym had his way with Zari Parris in one round and Kemar Gaskin of the Briar Hall Gym made short shrift of Donte Powell of the National Gym in their middleweight fight.

Tyree Weekes-Haynes was victorious in his light welterweight fight against Zari Parris.
Kemar Gaskin won his fight against Donte Powlett.

The Pirates Cove Beach was arguably one of the better locations utilized for the staging of the card and the feedback from the several fans present was extremely favourable about the venue.

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