Students read for fun, life

Students at the St Luke’s Brighton Primary School basked in the joy of reading as Scotiabank officials visited the St George school not only to present them with new books, but they brought along some well-known friends.

Entertainers Mr BloodNikita and spoken word artiste Adrian Green accompanied the bankers to share their love also of reading with the children.

Principal Beverley Piggott, said the programme came at the right time as the school wanted to improve its library facilities.

 “We had a small library, but we really needed more input into it. So when Scotiabank approached us about the project I readily accepted along with the teachers, because we knew the children really needed some extra material that would interest them,” Piggott explained.

The bank donated 300 books to the school with stories that appeal to boys and girls.

The principal was pleased with the range of books noting, “normally we don’t get the boys reading that much but since we had those books they have shown a lot of interest in them.

“Since it is a library project, eventually the children will be able to choose the books they want to read and borrow them for a short period of time, which we believe will help them with their reading.

“We also have a teacher on staff who is well qualified in reading, and she helps those children that are having challenges,” she explained.

Marketing manager of Scotiabank, Keisha Humphrey-Mayers commented: “We asked the Ministry of Education which schools needed libraries or needed to enhance their library facilities, and they suggested six schools. So we have started with St Luke’s, and we will also be working with Gordon Walters Primary, St Philip’s Primary, St Matthew’s, Bayley’s Primary and Half Moon Fort Primary.”

While yesterday’s programme featured the three entertainers, Humphrey-Mayers said for some of the other schools, bank employees may join and read to the children, or stage “character days” where they dress as well-known characters in certain books.

Adrian Green, who is known for his special kind of performing art which requires the intricate use of words, said he enjoyed the time he spent with the children.

“The session was very interactive and it was a pleasure for me to give the teachers some support,” he added.

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  1. Meldine Kirton November 4, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    Thank you, Scotiabank for your donation. The children had a wonderful time at the Launch listening to the stories, interacting with the personalities and taking photos. We will use and treasure the books. We will use the facilities and resources as we embark on our literacy programmes and during Literacy Week.


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