Pep talk for Honey Jam entrants

Honey Jam graduates Larix, Adaeze, Rhea Layne, Valentine Meniaud, Adriana and Lee Phillips, along with sponsors and supporters of the annual talent showcase came out to the Barbados Hilton last Saturday to get a taste of what this year’s edition has to offer.

It was not all about singing, though, as the ladies in the line-up of this year’s contestants got some words of encouragement. The first to do so was Lee Phillips, a graduate of Honey Jam, who recently released her first EP entitled Lee.

Miss Universe Barbados 2017, Leslie Chapman-Andrews, then offered contestants some advice drawing on the experience of her journey leading up to being crowned recently as winner of the prestigious pageant.

She highlighted how faith in God carried her through to accomplish a life goal that she had set for herself.  “I am not sure if you are religious but [prayer] really helped me,” she said. “I remember going down on my knees and praying and that was the first time in a few weeks that I slept like a baby.”

“ . . . I woke up feeling like a brand-new person and I remember waking up and feeling this is mine, this is it. This is what I am going to do. This is what I am meant to do,” she recalled, noting that prayer also contributed to a complete change of mindset.

Chapman-Andrews also told the 2017 contestants that believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with positive people who want you to succeed is a key for success. “I believed in myself and surrounded myself with people that loved me and cared about me and wanted to see me thrive,” she said.

The beauty queen urged the young ladies to be as authentic as they can be. “I learnt from this whole Miss Universe experience . . . that authenticity is everything. I saw a quote once that really stuck with me and that is no one is you and that is your power,” she said.

“And it’s true there will never be another Leslie Chapman-Andrews, there can never be another Lee Phillips . . . . So why not show the world the best version of ourselves? Give them a show, give them one hell of a performance,” she added.

When it came to giving the audience a preview of what Honey Jam has in store this year, 16-year-old opera singer Denesha Fergusson gave a sample of her vocal range and angelic voice as she sang a piece of a classical opera song.

The alumni and 2017 contestants also did a harmonic version of Bob Marley’s Rise Up This Morning.

Head of Honey Jam (Barbados ) Inc., Ebonnie Rowe, said the contest attracted amazing talent this year. Supporters will have an opportunity to hear the contestants sing at the annual show which comes off on Saturday, November 18, at the Barbados Hilton.

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