Enterprise and Iweb team up

From a casual conversation between reigning calypso monarch, Ian iWeb Webster, and Rondel Rehab Clarke last Christmas, has come a musical collaboration that has many buzzing.

iWeb, having teamed up with the group Enterprise comprising Rehab and 98.1 FM deejays Anderson Timeless Birch and Adrian A.O.N Skillz Wilkinson, produced the song Summer Body, which has been making huge waves across many radio stations.

iWeb told Bajan Vibes just how the unlikely collaboration came about.

“We were having a beverage and chatting and he (Rehab) talked about wanting to do a song for Crop Over. I thought it would be pretty cool to reach out to the entire Enterprise team. I was already pretty familiar with all the guys in the unit,” he explained.

As for the song, Timeless said all it really took was for them to receive the beat from a producer and the rest, as they say, was history. “iWeb received the beat from Dwaingerous and he immediately loved the beat. He was in my area of work and he passed by and said he wanted me to hear the beat. We sat down and realized this beat was very vibsey and different. iWeb, being the writer that he is, started to put together the lines.”

Timeless went on: “We left there that evening and pretty much later the night, iWeb hit me back up and said he had something. We met in the lab and tweaked the song, made sure that every part worked and we were pretty excited about what we had. When we went to lay down the track on Mothers’ Day, quick so, the vocals were down, premix was done, and everyone was pretty excited and comfortable with what we heard.”

iWeb said although they were unsure about the subject matter of the song in the initial stages, they all agreed that they wanted to put out something quite different from the typical bashment soca song.

“In terms of the story line, we just wanted to come up with something that could have an appeal to a wider audience. The gym is also one of those things that people are into these days. Everyone is into the whole summer body thing, so we wanted to do something like that. We wanted to find a way to make the tune a little different,” he said, adding that he always wanted to do a bashment soca song.

“I have not done a bashment song as a part of my repertoire before 2016, so I thought it would be a pretty good idea to do it. It shows a different side of me,” iWeb added.

Timeless said they were really looking to produce a song that could appeal to all demographics. “The bashment tunes are all about things that highlight women in a certain light and we wanted to create something that not only the younger audience could enjoy, but that all audiences could listen and dance too. It’s a gym inspired song that all could listen to and it’s a song that could stretch the years,” he added.

Unlike iWeb, the other three gentlemen are relatively new to the music scene, in terms of singing that is, but they told Bajan Vibes it has been an amazing experience thus far. And they could not be more overwhelmed by the tremendous response from the Bajan public.

“It really warms our hearts seeing the videos and so on coming through of people enjoying the song. You know you put a product out there and hope that the public accepts it,” Timeless said.

Rehab added: “It’s evident that it’s growing on people. A lot of people who have come forward and expressed their feelings on the song, most of them tend to point out that it’s different from the norm of bashment soca now. It’s not focused on ‘dibbyness’ and slackness, people seem to really like that idea and concept.”

Skillz said he too was pleased with the public’s response to the song. “I think the public’s response has been increasingly good. Always shocks me as a first time artiste, it’s really interesting to make a song with iWeb and the rest of Enterprise,” he said.

The guys are currently pushing the song for Carnival 2018, hoping that the other countries in the region will accept it just like Barbados has. “We are hoping that the other markets really embrace it. That’s the focus right now. So far we have been receiving some good feedback and hopefully that will continue,” Timeless said.

Afterwards, once all goes well, you could possibly see them doing more bashment soca for Crop Over 2018. iWeb said: “I’ll probably do another song in that genre but I don’t know how it will pan out competition-wise. I certainly look forward to doing another tune with the squad and we will see how that goes next year.”

Rehab said given the success on their first song, they should definitely do another song. “I don’t think we should just do one song and disappear off the map. So definitely looking forward to doing more work in 2018 and beyond for sure,” he added.

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