Nicholls claims firearm and ammo were found in a bushy area

A St Peter man has pleaded guilty in the High Court to gun and ammunition charges.

French Village resident Deroy Antoine Nicholls entered the plea when he appeared before Madam Justice Michelle Weekes in the No.2 Supreme Court.

According Senior Crown Counsel Olivia Davis, police were on patrol at the St John carnival on January 21, 2013 when they observed Nicholls, who was carrying a haversack, smoking a cigarette, which had a pungent smell of cannabis.

As police approached, Nicholls extinguished the cigarette and placed it in his pocket. He was told of the suspicion and responded saying, “what you talking ‘bout officer?” before running off when police requested a search of his person.

However, the suspect was quickly apprehended and a pipe gun, broken down in two parts, found in his bag, along with three rounds of ammunition.

“The gun and the shots I found in a bag, but I grow the weed,” he later told police when asked to account for the illegal items in his possession.

In a police statement, he further explained that he took “a chance” at growing the illicit drug when “things got hard” after his father died. The accused man said he found the firearm and ammunition in a plastic bag in a bushy area when he had stopped along a road to urinate.

After hearing the facts, Justice Weekes ordered a pre sentencing report on Nicholls, who returns to court on December 14.

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