Day care centre affected by water outage

For Rendezvous Gardens, Christ Church resident Rudett Jackman a steady and reliable water supply is critical to her business.

As a day care operator, a prolonged interruption of the water supply can prove problematic.

Day care owner Rudett Jackman

Therefore, when the taps went dry over the past few days as a result of a series of problems with Barbados Water Authority (BWA) pumping stations, Jackman knew life at the day care centre was not going to be easy.

“We have been out of water for quite a few days, and running a day care is difficult because we have hands to wash, bathrooms to use and dishes to clean up,” she told Barbados TODAY this afternoon.

The BWA announced at the weekend that it would shut down the Belle pumping station for three hours on Sunday in order to replenish its supply.

Three days later, residents in communities fed by that station were still experiencing water problems.  Jackman’s plight was eased somewhat when the water truck came, but catching buckets of water is hardly adequate for a day care centre.

By the time Barbados TODAY visited Rendezvous Gardens, the water had been back on for just about an hour. However, Jackman said it was “running really slow”.

“It is a little stressful not having water but they did send out the tank to help,” she said.

Not far away, Cornerley Griffith was on her way to work after having experienced two days of outages.  She explained that she was unable to perform simple chores during that period.

Cornerley Griffith

“I didn’t wash of cook for the past two days,” Griffith said.

“My water has been off all day. Right now I had to be using two sets of buckets I caught this weekend. I don’t know how long it will be on when it comes back on whenever that is.

“My water went off yesterday and came back on last night and then it went back off this morning around 7 [this morning], but just a while ago I got back a little.”

Another resident, Juliet Pitcher, who has resided in the district for over 20 years, had pots and pans filled with water when Barbados TODAY visited the area.

She said the household had been without the precious fluid long before the pumping station was shut down, and the outage had put a damper on her family’s weekend plans.

Juliet Pitcher still had saucepans filled with water she saved over the weekend.

“The water stop on Thursday because of a electric problem. But it was on Saturday that we were most affected. We were celebrating 25th wedding anniversary and I planned to do a lot of cooking,” Pitcher revealed, adding that with the water now back she was hoping the worst was behind them.

“The only thing I have not done is my laundry because the water had been off, but as you can see it is on now. But I am hoping it doesn’t go back off,” she said.

2 Responses to Day care centre affected by water outage

  1. Freeagent October 25, 2017 at 7:39 am

    It should be mandatory that ALL day care centres be equipped with water tanks

  2. John Everatt October 25, 2017 at 11:37 am

    This is BWA at its finest. The reason for the water shutdown was low reservoir levels according to the BWA. But we have had nothing but sollid rain for the last 6 or 7 months. If the reservoirs are low it can not be the result of no rain. So just what is the real problem here? It seems the BWA think we are all idiots and will swallow whatever lies they tell us.


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