Six people injured in accident on Bay Street

Six people suffered minor injuries in an accident involving a route taxi and a car along Bay Street, St Michael around 2:25 this afternoon.

The route taxi was driven by 34-year-old Rohan Nanton of Bournes Land, Silver Sands, Christ Church, while 51-year-old Karla Griffith of Southern Heights, Christ Church was the driver of the car.

Five passengers on the route taxi suffered neck, foot and back pains, while Griffith suffered pain to the neck and back.

Two of the injured route taxi passengers were transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for medical attention, while the other injured people opted to seek private medical care.

One Response to Six people injured in accident on Bay Street

  1. Belfast October 24, 2017 at 6:31 pm

    Potholes, indiscipline and wet roads, a deadly combination.


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