Guyanese man overstays his welcome

A Guyanese man, who claimed that he assaulted another man in self defence, has been handed over to immigration officials.

Dheneshwar Bipat, who lived at Taylor’s Land, Bank Hall, St Michael, pleaded guilty today to assaulting Hamenauth Sarendrnauth on August 4, occasioning him actual bodily harm.

Bipat had been on remand since his first appearance in the District ‘A’ Magistrate’s Court on August 28 after the accused man, who had been living here illegally, was deemed a flight risk.

In outlining the facts today Station Sergeant Neville Reid revealed that on August 4 Sarendrnauth was sweeping his bar, which is located along Tudor Street, when Bipat attempted to enter, but was pushed outside by the owner.

Bipat walked away, but later returned and punched Sarendrnauth in the face about five times. The matter was reported and the non-national, who arrived in Barbados in September 2008 on a work permit that expired seven years ago, was arrested.

Today, Bipat told Magistrate Douglas Frederick he was having a conversation with another man on Tudor Street when the bar owner told him to move.

“He come out with a broom and poking me in my stomach telling me to move from his shop,” Bipat explained, adding that he refused on the basis that he was on the sidewalk, which is a public place.

“He punch me, burst my mouth and the only thing is that I punched him to defend myself because he poked me in my belly,” he said.

After hearing Bipat’s story, Magistrate Frederick convicted, reprimanded and discharged him on the offence and handed him over to immigration officials.

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  1. kk October 24, 2017 at 9:54 am

    No problem big man, ya really shouldn’t let nobody push ya bout like you is a lil boy, but hear wah gine on GO BACK PART YA COME FROM.


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