Deane steals bottle of gas and galvanise sheet

A 51-year-old man, of no fixed place of abode, will call HMP Dodds home for the next six months.

Ronald Dacosta Deane pleaded guilty today before Magistrate Douglas Frederick to entering the home of Katrina Collymore, sometime between October 14 and 16, as a trespasser and stealing a $35 bottle of gas and a $55 sheet of galvanize.

Collymore secured the home, which is currently unoccupied, on October 14, but when she returned two days later she realized the items were missing. The matter was reported to police and the investigation led to Deane.

“I am sorry, I am begging for leniency. Sir I have a problem with drugs, I am on crack cocaine and alcohol . . . for 30 years, Sir,” Deane revealed.

He admitted that he did not maximize a previous opportunity for rehabilitation at Verdun House, but requested a second chance.

Instead, he was given two options.

One was to spend the next 28 days on remand at Dodds prison to decide whether he wants to join the rehab programme, in which case he would have to spend an additional three weeks at the Psychiatric Hospital for an assessment, or he could be sentenced immediately to six months in jail for his crime.

“I will take the six months,” Deane replied.

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  1. Meakai October 24, 2017 at 9:51 am

    Six months for $90.
    How much does it cost to run the prison?


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