George Lamming into round of 16

George Lamming Primary withstood the threat of defeat to come out on top this morning in zone two of the 2017 Cave Shepherd, Berger Royale and A One Supermarket National Primary Schools Road Tennis Competition.

Playing in the team competition which was in the form of a round- robin, former road tennis kings George Lamming were locked in battle with three other schools including runners-up St Mary’s Primary, St Martin’s Mangrove and Deacons, at the Rubis courts on Spring Garden highway.

All four teams today with the exception of Deacons won two matches each and lost one (2-1) as they bid for a place in the round of 16 with only the top two teams being able to advance.

George Lamming had a better point average of 30 having scored 143 points for and 113 against, while St Mary’s had 140 points for and 134 against to come out as the second-best team. St Martin’s Mangrove did not stand a chance at advancing because they had 143 points against and 142 for which threw them out of contention.

Against Deacons, George Lamming won 2-1 thanks to Kenan Olivierre (21-6) and Nicholas McCollin (21-8). Naije Codrington was the only pleasing performance for Deacons in that encounter when he defeated James Arthur of George Lamming 21-4.

Kenan Olivierre of George Lamming Primary executing a forehand drive. (Pictures by Morissa Lindsay)

Anderson Gibson won the opening match for St Mary’s 21-7 against Javonne Gilkes of George Lamming. However, George Lamming managed to switch the momentum in their favour to come from behind and win 2-1 compliments good tennis from Olivierre and McCollin with scores of 21-4 and 21-6 respectively.

St Martin’s Mangrove did, however, rain on George Lamming’s parade as they managed to pull off a 2-1 victory. Shemahri Darlington (21-5) and Ahijah Blunt (21-9) trounced Ollivierre and McCollin respectively.

Runners-up St Mary’s took care of business 2-1 against St Martin’s Mangrove and 2-1 over Deacons to win two of their three games.

Anderson Gibson (21-10) and Alejandro McAllister (21-14) ensured St Mary’s were able to come out on top even though their teammate Kymani Preville lost to Ahijah Blunt of St Martin’s 21-10. While against Deacons, Gibson (21-7) and McAllister (21-12) played well to seal the victory.

Kymani Preville of St Mary’s Primary.
Ahijah Blunt of St Martin’s Mangrove Primary defeated Kymani Preville of St Mary’s Primary.

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