No goodbye

Convicted burglar to miss mother’s funeral

Convicted burglar Shawn Atherson Callender will not be afforded the opportunity to say a final goodbye to his mother at her funeral tomorrow.

The 45-year-old of 1st Avenue, Brownes Gap, Rockley, Christ Church was slapped with 27-month prison sentence today after pleading guilty to three of four burglary offences.

The unemployed man, who through his attorney Mohia Ma’at admitted to being on drugs, owned up to entering the home of Mazurov Gennady as a trespasser and making away with a laptop computer worth US$1,000, a cellular phone valued at US$100 and a blender worth US$100.

He also confessed before Magistrate Douglas Frederick to entering the home of Oleksiy Polonskiy as a trespasser on June 11 and stealing two laptop computers worth $5,197, two cellular phones worth $594.02 and a tablet worth $445.52.  Between August 18 and 19 this year, he also stole a $770 standing fan belonging to Francis Hannton.

In all three instances Callender broke into the residences, which were located in gated communities, after the complainants had retired to bed for the night. When they woke up the following day they discovered their electronic devices and other items missing.

Mitigating on his client’s behalf, Ma’at told the magistrate that Callender had a drug habit and uses cocaine. He also revealed that the unemployed man was in mourning as his had mother just passed away and was due to be buried tomorrow.

While admitting that Callender had been in and out of prison several times, the attorney also suggested that the drug rehab programme at the St Philip penal institution was not working for his client while arguing for Callender to be considered for Verdun House.

However, that argument was not accepted by the magistrate who instead sentenced Callender to three consecutive nine-month prison terms.

He returns to the No.1 District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court on November 13 on an indictable burglary charge after he allegedly entered the house of Zukeiva Vivas as a trespasser sometime between June 26 and 27 and stole two iPods worth $1,188, a speaker and cable worth $500, a watch worth $60, 688.98 and $300 in cash, as well as an iPhone worth $1, 683 belonging to Jovanny Chacon.

2 Responses to No goodbye

  1. Thunder October 17, 2017 at 11:55 am

    So sending him to jail will help him with his drug habit?and I don’t see why the police couldn’t have taken him to the funeral home to see his mom, this is not right either,may be seeing his mother for the last,may have given the courage,and will power he needs to turn his life around.
    Cocaine is a very hard drug to stop using, and the magistrate could have helped him,it is not just about sending people to jail,it is also about helping to turn people’s lives around as well!

  2. Rick October 17, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    I have very little sympathy for criminals but I believe this is an event that he should be allowed to attend…..I see someone who possibly placed hundreds od bullets on the stress that possibly took lives received bail and was allowed to travel out of the country…..hmmmm


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