Rattan curses police officer

A 35-year-old painter was granted $3,000 bail today after pleading guilty to two of three criminal offences, including cursing an officer of the law.

Ranchand Rattan of St Leonard’s Avenue, Westbury Road, St Michael denied assaulting Gail Ramsay on August 10, but admitted to using insulting language towards constable Pauline Winson at Batts Rock Beach.

The accused man was reportedly sitting on a table at the location when the police officer spoke to him.

In reply, he reportedly told her, “I can do what I feel like, cause you is a p****”. He also admitted to having camouflage in his possession on the same day.

Today, he told Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant that he had “no sense” of the assault charge.

“I am not aware, I don’t understand the name of the person,” he explained.

That case continues on November 14 when Rattan will also be sentenced for the other two offences.

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