A miracle for Hanannia

Hanannia Reeves is a 13-year old boy who died last week.  He was reportedly struck by a car as he was crossing the road in front of the minibus from which he had just disembarked.  The incident brought back vivid memories of a similar incident that occurred during my first year at Combermere School, so I would have been either 10 or 11 years old.

When my stop was in view, I pressed the buzzer, walked to the front of the bus and exited through the front door.  My parents taught me about looking right, then left, then right again before briskly crossing a road.  However, with the bus occupying the lane to my right, I just kept my eyes on the left lane and saw no approaching traffic.

It happened very quickly.  As soon as I passed the front of the bus, I felt a slight pressure on my hip, and then time seemed to stand still.  It was as if I was in a bubble for a brief moment of time, then I crashed to the ground on the other side of the road and landed on my school bag.

I got up very confused, and persons who had witnessed the accident, including the driver of the car, kept asking me if I was all right. I told them that I was and started walking home.  The car driver and some neighbours started to follow me.  The driver drove behind me and kept asking me how I was, and I kept telling him that I was fine.  The others told him to keep following me.

When I finally got home, I opened the gate, explained that I lived there and waved the driver off – so he left.  When I got inside, I quickly went to remove my dusty clothes – then a neighbour spoke with my mother.

My mother is a nurse and she sent me to get a bath.  After confirming that I was unharmed, she gave me a washing of a different sort for waving the driver off – so I did not actually survive the accident unscathed.

The only rational explanation that I could come up with is that an Angel somehow protected me.  Why could young Hanannia be not similarly protected?  By the accounts given, he seems like a responsible boy who identified a problem in the household, devised a proven solution, and after receiving approval, started to implement that solution.  He behaved like an Engineer.

He died, through no fault of his own, during the execution of his plan. A boy of excellence who should not die young – and not like that.  Barbados needs Hanannia to be an example to the wayward youth of his and successive generations.  The earth needs Hanannia to solve the unforeseen problems of the future.  This boy of demonstrated competence still has much work to do, and if anyone should be called back, then it is him.

Jesus raised the widow’s son out of the coffin during the boy’s funeral.  Jesus also confirmed that believers would do greater works than what He did.  The problem is that we have stopped believing.  We have stopped believing that our Creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is all mighty and all powerful.

We behave as if God were a useless stone that we ritually acknowledge as part of our Sunday or Saturday spiritual traditions, but we do not behave as if He has any real power.  We worship Him in vain, neither believing that He can, nor expecting that He will do anything in this physical realm.

If we do not worship Him in vain; if we actually believe that He is real, and that he does indeed hear us, and that He is able to do all things, then let us call Hanannia back.  Let us open our mouths and call him back.  Let our pastors go to wherever he is lain and call him back.  Let those who intercede for our nation intercede on his behalf and request his return.  Before he is lowered in the grave, let all who claim to know God, call this son of Barbados back to us, and his mother.

If he returns, well.  If he does not, then we would have done the very least that we can possibly do at this point.  If anyone has a better idea, then now is the time to voice it, but I for one am not waiting any longer.  Hanannia, be completely healed of your injuries and arise in the name of the Son of God, our Messiah, Jesus.  Amen.

Source: (Grenville Phillips II is the founder and leader of the Solutions Barbados party. Email:NextParty246@gmail.com)

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    sigh….full moon effect


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