Speed festival preview tomorrow

The Twister Aerobatics Team, one of the star turns packing the eight-hour schedule for this Saturday’s Barbados Festival of Speed, will give the island a preview of the action tomorrow with two spectacular air displays in their 180mph Silence SA1100 aircraft.

In their first-ever display in the Americas, they will fly from Bushy Park Barbados to Cave Hill, then back along the south coast at noon and 6.00pm.

The Twister Aerobatic Team which will take to the sky.

There will also be a chance for the public to meet some of the more down-to-earth international guests who have been arriving on the island over the past few days at a pre-event lime and static display between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. at Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, an easy journey after viewing the twilight aerobatics. The star turns there will include the Sahara Force India F1 Show Car, members of the hugely-popular Dreamers Banger Racing Team, back by popular demand after wowing the crowds at last year’s inaugural Festival of Speed, and the first appearance in the island of Ferrari 458 Italia and Lamborghini Diablo Super Cars.

The Twister duo will first take off from Bushy Park Barbados at noon, the team performing a number of aerial stunts as they head towards Cave Hill before looping back to St Philip along the south coast. The action resumes at just before 6 p.m. when the team will perform its spectacular pyrotechnic display along the same route. As well as specially developed pyrotechnic effects streaming from the wingtips, the aircraft also feature high-powered spot-lamps to illuminate the display smoke and coloured LEDs along the aircraft fuselage.

The Silence Twister is a very nimble and efficient single-seat aircraft, which is unusual among certified aerobatic aircraft in that it can be de-rigged and packed into a trailer for ease of travel by road, or a container to travel by sea. While the Twister Aerobatics Team, which was formed in 2010, has given displays at events across Europe and the Middle East, the Barbados Festival of Speed marks its first trip across the Atlantic.

The second Barbados Festival of Speed, the first event to benefit from the facility’s new all-arena lighting, runs from day into night, starting at 2 p.m. In addition to guest of honour, former World F1 champion Jenson Button, a wide-ranging programme of motorsport and entertainment has been assembled. in addition to the Banger Racers and Super Cars, the track action will include the final rounds of the Suzuki Challenge Series, handicap races for the Barbados Karting Association (BKA) and Bushy Park Motor Sports Inc (BPMSI) and straight-line action from the Barbados Association of Dragsters & Drifters (BADD) on the venue’s one-eighth-mile strip.

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