TRINIDAD – Woman dies after hotel hook-up

PORT OF SPAIN – Lyndsay Sabrina Layne suffered a seizure and died in a hotel room in St Helena on Saturday.

An autopsy on Monday at the Forensic Sciences Centre ruled out foul play in her death.

Layne’s mother, Josephine John, told the Express that her daughter had no previous medical problems.

“She never complained about anything, or was seeing a doctor for anything. She never had any medical issues. That is why this is so surprising”, said John.

Police had believed that Lyndsey Sabrina Layne, 31, of Orange Grove Road, St Augustine was the victim of foul play, and a search is on for the man with whom she spent her last moments with at Touchdown Hotel.

Layne was unresponsive when employees of the hotel went to check on her after they noticed the man she came with left alone driving Layne’s car.

They contacted officers of the Las Lomas Police Station and police later found her vehicle abandoned.

A district medical officers pronounced her dead in the hotel room.

John said that Layne worked as a customer service representative at PSCU Credit Union.

Layne was separated from her husband and had an eight year old child, the mother said.

The mother told reporters that police are searching for the man who was last with Layne.

“If he is innocent then it makes no sense he hides. The autopsy shows that it’s a seizure. It’s not a strangulation. So it’s better he clears his name”, the mother said.

Both the man and Layne registered at the “hotel” under assumed names.

Source: (Trinidad Express)

2 Responses to TRINIDAD – Woman dies after hotel hook-up

  1. The Negrocrat October 10, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Man went to lay pipe, and probably put something in the water

  2. Tony Waterman October 10, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    @The Negrocrat!!!! Think Man!!! Why would he have to put anything in the Water ?? They were there for the Same Reason to carry on an AFFAIR, (They both used assumed Names) but She Must have had an undiagnosed Medical Problem, Heart Perhaps, and when the PIPE was Laid it was too stressful (SWEET) and she had a Seizure, Blood was Not Pumping as it should, and like a Car, if the Oil is NOT Lubricating the Bearings, the Engine WILL seize up.

    When she thought that he was “COMING” she was actually “GOING”


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