The ‘digital tether’

If you were to google the title of this article, not much would come up. Or, at least not what we’re about to talk about today. The “digital tether” – for the purposes of this article – refers to the unhealthy addiction that some of us have to our digital devices. The constant checking of email, surfing the Web, posting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, whatever; these things that we seem unable to exist without, are what I refer to as the digital tether.

Such a reference is made because, like a dog which is chained to a tree day after day (which is illegal, by the way), we somehow are held back by a tight leash which is seemingly inescapable. This results in a massive waste of time; and since many of us complain about there not being enough time in the day, our digital habits are certainly in need of examination. Such time wastage – whether we realize it or not – results in less attention to our businesses, our employees and most importantly, our families.

Think about it: what’s the first thing you do in the morning? Some give thanks, some meditate, some drink warm lemon water…and some check their e-mail! But what exactly is e-mail? Essentially, it is a demand made on your time by another person. So would you prefer to start the day on your terms, or on someone else’s? I think I know the answer!

You may say, “Veoma, this is the age of technology, don’t be ridiculous with regard to actually scheduling time for e-mail!” And I’d tell you that I prefer to be “ridiculous”. This is because some of the most successful people I know (and success to me, means balance in all areas of life, along with the much desired financial freedom) are not chained to their devices.

Most of the case studies of men and women who have charted their own course and blazed trails in their industries do not check their gadgets 24/7. In fact, some of them only check social media or email three times, at maximum, per day.

I know, it’s extremely hard to even think of doing that if you’re a victim of the digital tether. But, if you really care about time management, you’d want to take baby steps towards disciplining yourself when it comes to the amount of time you spend with social media and digital devices.

Think about this: the average person spends approximately ninety minutes on social media per day. Multiply this by seven. Then multiply this by fifty-two. You get it, right?!?

Source: (Veoma Ali is an Advertising Executive, with a Ph.D in Communications and a Master’s in Business Administration)

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  1. Tony Webster October 4, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    Some ostensibly-sane folks, are evidently digitally married to their smartphones, 24/7, , but have traded this for a diminished ability – or inclination- to look into R.L.P. faces and have a nice personal, two way conversation. Yes,with Real Live People! Up-close-and -personal conversation includes looking deeply into a human face; reading emotional signals; and appreciating how nice her hair smells. Can your smartphone do that?


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