Beach upgrade still hurting bed and breakfast

More than a week after being given the assurance that their worries were over, the proprietors of Villa Ilfracombe Apartments in Maxwell, Christ Church are hopping mad once again over a project to upgrade the adjoining beach.

A furious Supervisor Greg Jackman told Barbados TODAY he was forced to quell a near riot this morning by guests who were awakened by the noise of heavy machinery and the smell of exhaust.

“This morning again we woke up to the bad smell of engine exhaust and again we had the very noisy and heavy disruption because the excavator was going up and down the beach and bringing some rocks from one end to the other,” Jackman complained.

“They also dug up a bit of sand and left so our guest started complaining again and wanted to check out because we had given them our word that all of this chaos was over.”

The beach renovation project is being undertaken by Ocean Hotel Groups, the owners of Sea Breeze Hotel, as part of a hotel facelift.                                                                    

General Manager of Sea Breeze Hotel Patricia Alfonso-Dass had told Barbados TODAY last Monday that the villa’s troubles were over.

Renovation work, which had been ongoing for four months, would end that very day, she said then.

When op arrived at the premises today there was no machinery on the beach, but Jackman showed a video of work being done, which he said was shot this morning.

The apartment supervisor said that based on the assurance given last week, he had advised guests that the worst was behind them.

However, he said with today’s activity those staying at his property were irate.

“We manage to calm down the guest but needless to say they are very concerned that this is going to continue because they believe we were lying when we said that the work was completed. We really don’t know what is going on because we have had no notice about this. We were told that these works had to be completed ten days ago but now we really can’t trust anyone’s word,” Jackman said, as he emphasized  that the reputation of the business continued to suffer.

“There is always a surprise where this project is concerned . . . . Several times they have given their word that this was over and it wasn’t. We can’t take much more of this,” he stressed.

Attempts to reach Alfonso-Dass were unsuccessful.

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  1. Helicopter(8P) October 5, 2017 at 10:23 am

    What has ever happened to M O U’s and written agreements ?


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