Man admits to cutting cop with a razor

Presentencing and psychiatric reports have been ordered on a 54-year-old man who today confessed to wounding a police officer two years ago.

When Richard Carmichael Best of St Stephen’s Hill, St Michael appeared before Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius he pleaded guilty to wounding Police Constable Johnathan Ermay with a razor blade on September 10, 2015.

According to the prosecutor, Crown Counsel Oliver Thomas, Ermay responded to a report of tourists being harassed in Trafalgar Square, The City and subsequently arrested Best for causing a disturbance.

The prosecutor said it was while on the way to Central Police Station that Best reportedly made a swinging motion towards Ermay’s face, cutting him on the left side with a sharp object which was later identified as a razor blade.

However, the officer was still able to subdue him, as two colleagues came to Ermay’s assistance.

Best, who is being represented by attorney Vonda Pile, returns to the No.5 Supreme Court on November 14.

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