Fish vendor admits to chopping man with a cutlass

A 23-year-old fish vendor has been given four months to pay $3,000 in compensation to his victim.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick yesterday imposed the sentence on Raheem Jaque Lewis of 8th Avenue, New Orleans, St Michael after he admitted to causing serious bodily harm to Cardinal Webster with intent to maim, disfigure or disable him, or to do some serious bodily harm to him on October 27 last year.

According to the prosecutor, Lewis was involved in an earlier dispute with Webster’s sister.

However, when he saw Webster on Baxter’s Road in the area of Jordan’s Supermarket, he turned his fury on Webster by pulling a cutlass on him.

In his own defence, Webster sought to arm himself with two bottles but was struck on the arm with the cutlass, causing a laceration.

When the matter came up in court yesterday, Lewis was therefore ordered to compensate Webster for his injury.

If he fails to pay the $3,000, he will have to spend seven months in jail.

The fish vendor was also placed on a bond to keep the peace and be of good behavior for the next 12 months.  If that order is breached, he will spend nine months in jail.

In the meantime, Lewis has pleaded not guilty to unlawfully assaulting Ikema Sobers on April 12.

He was therefore granted bail in the amount of $3,000 with one surety in connection with that offence and is due to return to court on January 10, 2018.

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