Carter wins disability finals

Mere moments before the winner in the Diasability Finals of the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition was announced, there was a murmur among members of the audience.

They were puzzled as to how the judges could decide on a winner from the jaw dropping amount of talent that was displayed on the Divi Southwinds Resort stage.

However, despite eight outstanding performances by the contestants, only one could be declared winner and it happened to be Granville Carter.

With spectacular vocals and the movement of a veteran, the former House of Soca calypsonian amassed 835 points to take home a cheque of $2,000 and a trophy.

Carter expertly performed two social commentaries, I Done Voting and My Way.

But Carter had tough competition from the Juanita Paul-Gibbs who was a crowd favourite. Since the preliminaries, Paul-Gibbs showed the judges that she possesses distinct and melodic vocals.

She sang Saving All My Love and The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. With her wispy vocals, the visually challenged contestant recreated the hit songs with her own gist to take second place in her category.

Patrick Forde didn’t have follow the norm by singing to the hearts of patrons. During his dance piece, he had every single person on their feet as he brought down not only the house but the Holy Spirit on to the audience.

Receiving the third place prize, Forde who is wheelchair-bound, danced to I Can’t Give Up Now and Lord You Are Holy. With his hair raising performance, his strong faith and blessings transcended to those watching him.

It was a shock for many when Anna Beckles placed fourth in the competition. Although she won the Teen Talent competition in 1988, her skill was not enough for the judges to justify a second heist.

Beckles’ rendition of And I Am Telling You by Jennifer Hudson in the first half stole the attention of every patron and passer-by Sunday night. It was a stilling and selling performance. In the second half, she told the judges to put some RespecT on her name as she sang the age old classic by Aretha Franklin.

Although he failed to place, Elviston Maloney gave two solid performances. Maloney’s performance of Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder in the first half was loved by the crowd. And he did not disappoint with his zesty performance of Feel Good in the second half of the competition.

Errol Hurley was another racehorse that got left behind. Different to his preliminary and semi-final performances, Hurley confidently came to the stage and announced his determination to take home the $2,000 but that was a bold declaration in a competition bountiful with talent.

Hurley sang two social commentaries I can See that and Not This Time where he asserted his intention to claim the prize. But unfortunately this was not his time.

The other contestants included Errol Greenidge and Shane Headley.

Source: Katrina King

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  1. kathy-Ann Clarke September 28, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Congrats to all.

  2. Roger Layne
    Roger Layne September 28, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Congratulations Carter big up


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