SJPP turns 48

The Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic is looking at ways to provide more opportunities for all.

During its 48th anniversary service this morning at the SJPP auditorium, Principal Hector Belle told the media the technical institution had a high application rate this year, which forced them to find innovative ways to give everyone a chance at benefitting from a post secondary educational opportunity.

Principal Hector Belle

“This year we have had the usual high number of applicants and we had to access and determine how many we could accept. We can’t accept all because we are restricted by the number of classrooms and labs. But we have a new innovation here at SJPP. We have encouraged most of the students who were rejected initially to more or less pursue continuing education studies,” he explained.

“So, some courses that are delivered full time, we are delivering in continuing education. So students can get the initial start so hopefully by next year that would be a step ahead of the others in terms of training. And the response has been very great,” Belle added.

He said so far, they have had an overwhelming response to the continuing education division.

“On September 21, we had over 400 persons who applied for that Continuing Education Department to be trained in various areas. Areas include renewable energy, garment technology and housekeeping. We are trying our best to accommodate all, but we can’t accept all. But this in is our thoughts and we hope to deal with that in the future.”

The Principal Hector Belle standing with the senior instructors of the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic.

During the anniversary service, students, teaching and ancillary staff joined together to offer praises to God for allowing the SJPP to reach such a milestone.

Registrar Hyacinth Collymore said, “we want our people to recognize that God has a plan for the SJPP. We don’t want to just continue doing things the way we have been doing them but we want to make God an integral part of the SJPP and what we do here.”

Collymore said the celebrations will continue through the week, with emphasis being placed on informing the public on what it done at the institution.

“The rest of this week, we are going to have a number of activities. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we wanted to give the public an opportunity to be more aware of what we are doing at the polytechnic.

“On Thursday we have a special event, which we want to invite everyone to come out to, we are going to do our annual SJPP Memorial lecture. We will also be having an alumni launch. We are inviting everyone back to come and support and encourage our students,” she explained.

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