Residents urged to remain hopeful as they await word of loved ones in Dominica

Roman Catholic Bishop of Bridgetown Dr Jason Gordon has encouraged residents here with friends and family members in Dominica not to lose hope.

“The shock of three major systems hitting us in such a short time is something that has left us reeling,” Bishop Gordon said Friday night at a special mass at the Bay Street St Michael church.

Hurricane Maria hit Dominica Monday night leaving widespread devastation, 15 confirmed deaths and more than 20 missing and feared dead.

“We come here as Christian people, a people of prayer, a people who believe in God and a people that believe that no matter what might pass by to lick us down, with God by our side who can be against us,” Gordon said.

He applauded the philanthropic efforts from public and private enterprises who have donated to Dominica.

“Caribbean people will bind together with incredible generosity and rally around all those who have experienced incredible pain,” he said.

“The generosity that has been poured out . . . is really a testimony of the character of the Caribbean . . . our real strength is being one people in this Caribbean and that sense of solidarity and of identity as Caribbean people has bound us together,” he added.

While the regional diocese will be doing its part with donations of food stuff, Bishop Gordon called on locals to donate selflessly.

“We are going to have to dig deep in resources of hope and resources of charity because these nations are not going to be rebuilt without our help,” he added.

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