Stolen tiles

Watchman shares blows over ‘hot’ merchandise

A 50-year-old watchman, who is accused of wounding another man, is expected to know his fate next week.

Huey Peter Sylvanus Prime of Ashbury, St George allegedly committed the offence against Jarius Bynoe on September 11.

The two had trading words on that day, with Bynoe subsequently being hit in the head and about the body with the bucket.

Reading from a medical report, Sergeant Martin Rock said Bynoe suffered soft tissue injuries and abrasions to the scalp, chest and forearm.

In his own defence, Prime told Magistrate Douglas Frederick that the Bynoe had sold him 20 tiles for $10, which he later discovered were stolen.

However, after Prime demanded his money back in return for the tiles, Bynoe allegedly “stole” the tiles from him, without returning the money.
“I told him to give me my money but he told me that I got he aunt, so he don’t owe me,” said Prime, who admitted to being set off by Bynoe’s response.

However, the magistrate told Prime that the cost of the tiles should have raised an immediate red flag for him.

“You should have been more circumspect,” Frederick said before adjourning the case until next week Friday when Bynoe is expected to give his side of the story.

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  1. Lennox hewitt September 21, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    Prime si if a man try to sell a lamborghni that cost 298.000 us for 50.00 you would buy it ? not me it stolen u should figure out there stolen now u will find out bout buying stolen things lol


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