Debut of island fest

Popular Jamaican dancehall artiste, Alkaline, will be the headline performer when a new entertainment event, Island Fest, makes its debut here next month.   

News of this from Danielle Singh, representative of Les Iles Entertainment, as she spoke at the media launch for the October 15 event last Thursday.

Singh said Island Fest would be unique in its offerings. Alkaline would be performing for an entire hour, she said, so that patrons will fully get their money’s worth.

Singh said while it is the first time for the staging of the show, she already has her sights set on making it a regional event. “We want to be a premium event focused around patrons,” she explained.

“It will go throughout the Caribbean territories and it is intended to be an annual event in Barbados,” she added. “I want to bring a Bajan invasion to certain territories. St Kitts, Bermuda and St Lucia are our targets for the next near.”

Also down to perform at the debut of Island Fest will be local acts Stiffy, Jagwa and upcoming rapper Rico Maserati.

Singh promised a whimsical event pushing a lot of positive vibes, as she noted that she had put a lot of time and effort into its  conceptualization and creation.

“This is not a project that I brainstormed overnight and it happened the next day,” she said. “This was a long a battle.”

The event has attracted a number of sponsors including Swift Pac, Ticket Pal and Bryden Strokes.

Source: (KB)

2 Responses to Debut of island fest

  1. Alex Alleyne September 21, 2017 at 6:31 pm

    WEED feat.

  2. Mark Rosmar September 22, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Day by day the Barbados degenerates deeper and deeper into corruption and not a word from the media! Silence. Zippo. Nothing. Zero. Nada. But yet the island chooses to bathe itself in frivolity. I Grieve.


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