Moore desperate to hear from friends

With the fate of three Barbadians studying in Dominica yet unknown, a former college mate is fearing the worst.

Alobinto Moore, 57, said his friends, whom he referred to simply as Ianthe, David and Troy, were pursuing a three-year course of study in the fine art of batique, when the category five Hurricne Maria slammed into Dominica with deadly 160 miles per hour winds on Monday night.

Moore, a commercial painter, said his desperate efforts to reach them since have led to nought.

“The three guys that are down there that are connected to me; all originated with the People’s Art Movement. We were at [Barbados] Community College together. We studied at Community College doing arts and craft . . . and I am saddened to know that they are down there suffering and whatever,” he told Barbados TODAY this afternoon.

“Really, with the situation happening down there, I ain’t really get no connection with them. I trying but I ain’t get no connection with them, and it have me saddened.”

The trio, ages 20-35, have a year-and-a-half left to complete their studies, and it was not clear if they would be able to continue in the wake of the destruction left behind by the monstrous storm.

Moore said he donated some emergency relief supplies through the Barbados Defence Force in the hope that his friends would be safe and would receive them.

“I sent down some toiletries, soaps and whatever, but I wanted to send some clothing too, but the Defence Force said, ‘no’, they don’t want that right now, what they really need is foodstuff,” he said.

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  1. Ossie Moore September 21, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Jerome Stephens can now thank the Great Jehovah for Barbados being a staple in his life but in living comfort!


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