Serial burglar

Lewis steals anything he can get his hands on, from a toilet to sweets

A 36-year-old man, who confessed to going on a burglary spree over the past five months, has been remanded to prison until September 26.

Glenn Jamel Lewis of no fixed place of abode, admitted before Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch today to stealing two sash windows belonging to Alvin Blackman, sometime between March 14 and 20. He also admitted to entering Blackman’s home a second time between March 20 and 23 and stealing a toilet and a showerhead.

He then entered the Bank Hall Farmers Market twice as a trespasser – first between July 6 and 7 when he stole a cordless phone, four drinks and $40 in cash belonging to Eric Brathwaite; then again sometime between July 29 and 30 when he took 23 bars of soap, a bag of Shirley biscuits, a bag of tea time biscuits, a bag of potato chips and a box of chocolates, also belonging to Brathwaite.

Lewis’ then broke into Anderson Brathwaite’s Canteen sometime between July 14 and 15 and stole 13 soft drinks, three tins of corned beef, four tins of hotdogs, two tins of luncheon meat, three tins of milk, three tins of tuna, five tins of sardines, two tins of vegetables, four packs of seasoning, a bottle of oil, two packs of tea, a pouch of toothpaste, six packs of snacks, six boxes of juice, six bars of soap, ten boxes of matches, 34 packs of biscuits and six packs of nuts – all belonging to Velma Holder.

Between July 29 and 31 he entered the home of Rudolph Worrell as a trespasser and stole a stove and a radio.

Lewis’ next stop was Roy’s Bakery, which he broke into twice between August 24 and 29 and made off with a quantity of bread and a container of sweets.

And before being caught Lewis would enter Advent House as a trespasser between September 3 and 14, stealing 11 plastic chairs, six fans, a table and two phones belonging to Joseph Atherley.

He will know his fate after the facts of his offences are outlined in court.

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  1. Omar Watson September 19, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    Wanna see why after so much months of doing the puppy that he finally got caught?


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