Coconut tree falls on St Joseph home

Swift action by residents in Chimborazo, St Joseph this afternoon prevented further disaster after a coconut tree fell onto the roof of Samuel Sobers’ home around noon.

Samuel Sobers

Member of Parliament for the area Dale Marshall, who was carrying out checks on his constituents at the time, also assisted in the community effort by using his vehicle to remove the broken limbs of the tree.

Member of Parliament for St Joseph Dale Marshall (right) assisted in the community effort.

“This is the only reported damage in the constituency. We fared very well and of course one our big concerns with all the rain and winds would be land slippage but thankfully we had no [such] reports,” Marshall told Barbados TODAY following the passage of Hurricane Maria to the north of the island between last night and earlier today.

In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in the northern Caribbean nearly two weeks ago, he also said he was happy that “we have been able to weather yet another storm”.

“We were very fortunate during Irma not to experience any issues, so let’s hope our lucky streak continues,” the Opposition spokesman said, while urging residents to be both vigilant and mindful of what was happening around them in the midst of an active hurricane season.

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