St Peter men granted temporary reprieve

Two St Peter men who failed to pay the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court a combined $4,000 fine were granted a temporary reprieve when they appeared before Acting Magistrate Sandra Rawlins today.

Forty-year-old Thomas Eddison Alexander and 23-year-old Davion Renaldo Davidson Layne, both of 3rd Avenue, Rock Dundo, were given today’s deadline to pay the money after pleading guilty to several drug charges in August.

However the two, a sales agent and a pool technician, told the acting magistrate they had not paid any of the total.

“You all haven’t showed any good faith. You haven’t met us half way, so why should I extend the deadline?” the acting magistrate asked them.

Alexander responded that he had a number of back-to-school obligations and was simply not able to meet the court’s deadline, while Layne explained that he had only returned to work this week after being injured.

“All those so called hard luck stories, when there are others who are in a worse situation and did not sell drugs or anything so . . . .
I feel that you all are trying to work the system,” the acting magistrate said, even as she told Layne he would have to produce a medical certificate.

“I didn’t go to no doctor, I cleaned it on my own. If I raise my pants legs you will see it,” Layne said.

In the end Rawlins granted them a two-week extension, but they will have to pay the money in full.

If Alexander and Layne fail to do so, they will each spend one month behind bars.

One Response to St Peter men granted temporary reprieve

  1. Anton Brown
    Anton Brown September 16, 2017 at 10:55 am

    Who the devil these people fooling. You sell drugs, but don’t have no money? you corrupting Barbados and plaqueing the country with drugs to bring down the country and its people with little regards to your country or fellow country men and the children ,but you want sympathy.? Look you not in the business of selling drugs for free, so cut the foolishness out. Next whatever of value you have or brought using drug money, the country needs to seize and sell at auction for reduced prize if your family not willing to pay your debt to society.Whatever bank account you have if you have one,Needs to be seize. Strip them of whatever posssesion them have and raise the money, while them remain in jail. Stop acting like there is no solutions to the problem. There are plenty of ways for problems to be fixed, one just have to spend the time finding the solution and answer to the problem. You got kids all of a sudden, you using in court as a pitty tool.You did not know you had kids when you decided to engage in acts of a crime depending on you and going to jail was not an option? You could have look for honest work, even if you had to take 2/3 jobs to support them. An honest dollar is the best kind of dollar. You did not know, your kids can’t have you going to jail? You did not care what shame your crime would cause unto them or the suffering of loosing their dad. Don’t come now with the pitty stories.
    Stay the devil in jail and don’t expect nobody to feel sorry for you. Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the time or price. Look all of these worthless, useless, wutless criminals need to be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. Stop trying to rip the country apart. All wunna a bunch of useless individuals and cowards. Had enough of all wunna. Lock them the hell up, imposed bail and fines. Seize them property, clean them up off the streets and about the place. Give them hard labor. Them sickening to the stomach


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