Police make special appeal on behalf of Anguilla victims

In light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, the Barbados-based Regional Police Training Centre has launched a relief effort on behalf of 11 Anguillan police recruits and one instructor.

“These officers are currently training at the Regional Police Training Centre, and away from their families and friends, in their time of need,” a statement released by the Royal Barbados Police Force today said.

It also pointed out that police stations and other key infrastructure in Anguilla were destroyed.

Some of the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma when it battered Anguilla and other Leeward Islands last week.

“As a result, we are making an appeal to persons who are interested in joining us in this venture and are desirous of making donations or contributions to contact the Regional Police Training Centre at telephone numbers 418-2634, 418-2644 or 418-2643,” the statement added.

Contributions can be delivered to the training centre or arrangements can be made for them to be collected.

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