Why Kaiden?

Child’s father desperate for answers on son’s death

A day after his one month-old baby boy died under questionable circumstances, 30-year-old Silverson Greenidge is still anxiously awaiting word from the infant’s former caregivers at the Divine Day Nursery & Pre-School, St Stephen’s Hill, Black Rock, St Michael, on what exactly went wrong.

The infant, Kaiden Dacosta Greenidge, was pronounced dead on arrival at the state-run Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) yesterday, after the parents were summoned by the nursery to pick up the child.

“They contacted me yesterday telling me, ‘come fuh my child and take him to the doctor’, that he didn’t look right. I was like, ‘how you mean he ain’t look right, wuh happen?’ So the auntie that called me, she was like, she doesn’t know, she ain’t sure. I was like, ‘what happened with him then?’ She was like, ‘come and take him to the doctor’ [but] she isn’t telling me exactly what’s wrong,” the distressed father told Barbados TODAY earlier this evening.

‘This is not right. No mother and father should have to bare this pain,’ the child’s mother posted on her Instagram page yesterday.

With the question of ‘why?” playing over and over in his head ever since then, Greenidge keeps returning to yesterday’s phone call to which he reacted immediately by picking up the child’s mother, 21-year-old Petra Rouse, and “flying straight” to the nursery.

“When I got there now, I saw one auntie got him in her hands and the boy looked dead in she hand. Dem trying to hold he like he still alive and the boy done had blood coming from he mouth and he nose and the blood was dry,” he said, with a mixture of anger and despair clearly identifiable in his voice.

“He look lifeless, and this is before I move wid he from there to carry him to the hospital, [but] all them [the caregivers at the nursery were] telling me is to carry him to the doctor quick,” he added.

Greenidge also recalled telling the auntie that his son looked dead and asking her over and over what had happened. However, he told Barbados TODAY that all the caregiver was insisting upon was that the child be rushed to a doctor.

“I felt the boy and he was cold . . . his face look pale and blue. You could have seen the blood dry . . . the boy’s mouth dry and crack up . . . his mouth was opened wide all the time and you could have seen blood on his tongue.

“I say, ‘wuh happened here Pat?’ She was like, ‘take he to the doctor . . . I don’t know wuh happened’,” said the father, who was admittedly feeling very “offset”.

Up to this evening Greenidge was still struggling to maintain his cool, even as he insisted that Kaiden, who was the younger of his two sons, was dead by the time he got to the nursery.

“We son did done dead time [before] we got there. I believe he did dead a little while too, cause for he to be cold, he had to be dead a while. You don’t get cold so fast. The body done brek down. It’s not like in there has AC [air condition],” Greenidge insisted, while speaking on Rouse’s behalf.

With both parents equally mortified over the mysterious death, police are currently probing the matter and have so far reported that based on their investigations, the child was taken to the nursery around 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday.

Six-and-a-half hours later the parents received a call from the preschool around 3:40 p.m. informing them that the baby appeared to be ill.

On arrival, the parents took the child, who was unresponsive at the time, and rushed to the QEH, where the child was pronounced dead, a brief police statement this afternoon said.

Asked how he was coping with the loss, the pain was obvious as Greenidge replied: “I just here,  . . . I just here brother boy. I just trying to be cool, otherwise I would lose it.”

What makes the current situation even more baffling for him is that his first son, now three years old had attended the same facility and “everything was fine”.

“My first little boy, I carried there. So I know these people . . .  Me and these people got a history,” he said, adding that  “she [the owner] never treat my child bad nor nutten so [and]  I never had no bad vibes wid she nor nutten. Everything was good.

“That is wuh surprise me when she called me yesterday . . . she had me good,” Greenidge said.

This evening Barbados TODAY visited the nursery and was met at the door of the adjoining home by a woman who immediately returned inside and refused to answer our persistent calls. However, Child Care Board Director Joan Crawford confirmed to Barbados TODAY that some of her officers had visited the nursery yesterday to hear first-hand what had occurred from the staff.

But with the matter now under police investigation, Crawford was tight-lipped on the visit.

She however disclosed that the facility would be allowed to remain open for business “until we hear from the police”.

“The police have the lead in this matter,” Crawford stressed.


11 Responses to Why Kaiden?

  1. Sue Donym September 15, 2017 at 12:19 am

    For a start, hospital should be able to provide some insight as to time of death. Hope all those ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed… at the nursery and the QEH. Accuracy and honesty are going to be very important in this case.

  2. Allison September 15, 2017 at 4:55 am

    RIP baby Kaiden. Those poor parents, my thoughts are with you. I pray a full and timely investigation is done, these parents need answers, that is only fair.

  3. Zed layson September 15, 2017 at 7:31 am

    Omg… What kind of month is this…. Give us a break… My heart goes out to these parents . They must be devastated … RIP little fella. And God’s grace to the parents

  4. charjoy September 15, 2017 at 8:13 am

    RIP baby boy! I hope waste of time CCB with the totally incompetent Joan Crawford is not leading this investigation. Why is this place still opened? Since yesterday that nursery should have been closed pending investigation and furthermore any employees found to have withheld information should feel the full weight of the law.

  5. P September 15, 2017 at 8:22 am

    Someone probably dropped him and he died. But if you’re a child care provider, you’re train in emergency procedures like CPR. You’re trained to call EMS, police and notified parents. That baby shouldn’t have been removed by anyone but EMS or Police. You just destroyed a crime scene. Shut them down until an investigation is done. I wouldn’t trust them with my dog.

  6. Jennifer September 15, 2017 at 8:32 am

    Regardless of what any one say and what happened this nursery needs to scrutinized. And if these providers had integrity they would come clean. The standards, procedures and policies needs to be examined and whether they were followed during the incident. Some of these so called women/providers are very careless with the care of people children in which they are paying for a service.
    @P – this was my first thought, that he was dropped also.

  7. Thunder September 15, 2017 at 8:56 am

    I maintain the ambulance should have been called immediately, but I was not taking my child from that preschool in that condition,the police would have to come,the fact that the Aunties were not answering questions suggests, what ever happened to the child was serious.
    We are too soft in this country,I was taking all the Aunties into police custody, so they had no choice but to close the school,a baby has died and they are allowing the preschool to run business as usual,this is not right,some one must be held accountable for what happen to this child.

  8. Star September 15, 2017 at 10:16 am

    I don’t like the sound off it but if that was my child that nursery will de close police need to get on these ppl that doing alot of foolishness i am so sorry for the parents r.i.p

  9. Daniel September 15, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    I am not getting children after this! So the baby is sick and the staff didnt rush to a medical ficility?

    Branford Taitt Polyclinic closes at 4, and up to 5or 6pm if its an emergency.

    They should be saying meet us at the clinic / QEH not come for your child!!!

    Thats a scary situation there. I sure anybody would have change their route, even a Taxi would have given them a ride straight to either place in that situation.

  10. Marcia September 16, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    Why is this Daycare allowed to remain open? are you Kidding me? that is total rubbish. Something happen to those people child and no one in there can say what happen? Was he taking care of himself?

    Come on Barbados wake up! you are to civilized for this Lacadazy mentality.

  11. Recarder Leon September 16, 2017 at 11:27 pm

    I smell a load of crap here; this baby was dropped by someone! they panicked after dropping him and placed him back in the crib. When he was discovered by another worker, it was obviously too late to help him. That place should be closed, pending investigation; why are they so soft in Barbados? This is a tragedy; who knows how many times they have gotten away with this in the past. My prayers and condolences are with you Petra and your family. Remember, that God will have the final word.


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