Seniors getting fit

Senior citizens at the Ocean View Nursing home got moving last week as part of the Barbados Physical Therapy Association (BPTA) community outreach during its annual Physio Week, held under the theme Physical Activity for Life.

Members of the Ocean View Nursing Home enjoying their exercise session with president of the BPTA, Nicola Yard and BPTA member Shakira Springer.
BPTA secretary Dr Chantal Clarke going through an exercise with a resident of the Ocean View Nursing Home.
Public relations officer of the Barbados Physical Therapy Association Marita Marshall assisting Audrey with a squat routine.

BPTA public relations officer Marita Marshall said this year the association was encouraging people to take part in more physical activity to sustain or improve their health and fitness.

“In this outreach activity, we went into this nursing home and we wanted to get the seniors active and doing exercises and stuff. We want to get younger kids as well in joining us to help them get up and move. We are pretty much trying to promote exercise and being physically active throughout the lifespan and we want both young and old to be active,” she explained.

The BPTA invited popular fitness group Cross Fit 246 to offer support to members of the nursing home.

Owner and head coach Janelle Chase-Mayers said the group had seen a difference in the fitness of the elderly.

“The objective was really to help them with daily movements. I wanted them to sit on the toilet without propping down. From there, we recognize the seniors could lift weights as well and they requested we do it three times a week.

The group really loves it. They like the opportunity and their day-to-day movements have improved. People who had pains, the pains have improved,” she said.

Cynthia Reid, at 82 years old, is the oldest member of Cross Fit 246. She told Barbados TODAY that ever since she started exercising she has seen a drastic improvement in her body.

“I was complaining about my knees and the whole body. I wasn’t getting the exercise that I needed but in coming to Cross Fit it’s a really nice group and I feel good and do what I can do. It gives me a different outlook and I plan to continue to exercise as long as I can do it,” Reid said.

Another Cross Fit member is retired deputy director of the Royal Barbados Police Force band, Cortez Callender, who also shared his experience.

“I like the fact that I get to use all over the body. I like the fellowship and the idea that you don’t know what is scheduled for a day; it is always a surprise and challenging, but fun and at the end of the day I enjoy myself,” he said. 

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