Remember the elderly

With Senior Citizens’ Month being celebrated this month, the Lions Club of Bridgetown is urging Barbadians to spend quality time with their elderly relatives and show compassion for these nation builders.

Over 50 elderly persons were present at the luncheon hosted by the Lions Club of Bridgetown.

“Our senior citizens are the builders of the communities worldwide. When they reach their golden age, they are often forgotten,” lamented Lions Club District Governor for the Caribbean, Sherwin Greenidge. “We as Barbadians need to show that we care and look after our elderly in a way we would like to be looked after.”

To mark Senior Citizens’ Month, the Lions Club hosted a luncheon at the home of Lion Carl Harewood in Edghill Heights, St Thomas, for more than 50 elderly people from the Geriatric Hospital and the Gordon Cummins District Hospital.

The senior citizens chatted animatedly with each other and thoroughly enjoyed the treat.

Miriam Rouse, social service chairperson for the Lions Club of Bridgetown, was responsible for organizing the event.

She said the service organization annually looked after the patients at the Geriatric Hospital, also adopting Wards 6 and 7B as their specific responsibility.

After spending countless hours with the senior citizens at both hospitals, Rouse said many were thankful to be able to spend some time outside those institutions.

She asked for family members and children of elderly persons to remain a constant presence in their lives.

“Please pay attention, visit when you can, assist when you can,” Rouse urged.

Meantime, Greenidge revealed that the Lions Clubs of the Caribbean are waiting for a full assessment of the damage caused by Hurricane Irma in the northern Caribbean last week so that they can provide assistance. 

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