Prescod ‘stuck in time’

An outspoken Democratic Labour Party (DLP) parliamentarian is suggesting that the Member of Parliament for St Michael East Trevor Prescod is stuck in the past and needs to be replaced in the constituency.

Member of Parliament for St James South Donville Inniss contended that Prescod was stuck in the past and his “sell by date has gone”, as he suggested that the longstanding parliamentarian was no longer relevant.

Inniss expressed that view as he endorsed the DLP’s candidate for the constituency, Nicholas Alleyne, during the monthly meeting of the party’s constituency branch at the St Giles Primary School, the Ivy, St Michael on Sunday evening.

Noting that Prescod was currently the oldest sitting parliamentarian, Inniss said:

“I am not going to play the age game, because I hope I would eventually reach his age at some point in time.”

However, he added, “Prescod is still caught up in the excitement of the 1937 riots and the Black Power Movement, Black Panther Movement and all of those things. He is stuck in time. I have to be very frank about these things because our focus must be on the future of Barbados; and the future of Barbados does not mean we disavow our past, that we do not have an appreciation of our history. But the future of Barbados means that we do not be stuck in the past.

“When I listen to Prescod, I listen to a man who is angry. A man who makes speeches that will inspire those who were caught up in the 1937 riots. Those who did what they had to do in 1937 did well for Barbados. They laid a foundation that has helped us build this society.”

Inniss also charged that the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) legislator was constantly attacking white people here and encouraging people not to support their businesses, while he was using the money from those very people to finance his campaigns.

In fact, the St James South representative charged that Prescod was among those who gathered at the Cliff Restaurant two weeks ago for BLP fundraising events at which patrons were asked to pay $2,500 each. Inniss claimed the BLP raised $275,550 in that effort.

The DLP parliamentary argued that was the type of hypocrisy in politics Barbados must rid itself of.

Against that background, Inniss argued that “when it comes to a choice between Alleyne and Prescod, it is not a hard task”.

However, he was quick to claim that he had no personal issue with the BLP representative.

“I have nothing against Prescod. I knew him when he was with the DLP, when he went to the Barbados Labour Party and then returned to the DLP, when he went elsewhere. . . .  I have observed him in the last couple of years in Parliament as well. I have nothing personal against Prescod; he is my dear friend. We get along very well.”

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  1. just observing September 12, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    Can’t hold a candle to Prescod. Nuff respect for him. Unlike you his yes is yes and his no is no. Does not say one thing and vote the next. Need to learn something from him. Reel and come again.

  2. Mark Adamson September 12, 2017 at 10:44 pm

    The Trevor Prescods in Barbados are extremely and unnecessarily contradictory in many of the social behaviours.

    Yes, these people preach against white people and the vestiges of white power in this country, yet I was made to understand that Prescod – in running his meals on wheels program from out of the Israel Lovell Foundation some years ago (I do not know that it still goes on) used to get some of the stuff from R. L Seale Co Ltd.

    Imagine that??

    These kinds of illogical contradictions are partly the reason why the broad masses and middle classes are hardly progressing socially, politically, materially and financially in this country, whilst a small number of oligarchs continue to dominate the social, political, material and financial affairs of this country.

    As it stands now, our party – the PDC – is raising funds and
    materiel through contributions made by the average man and
    woman in this country.

    But, believe it, were we in positions to take money or any other forms of materiel from the black, brown and white oligarchs in this country, we would never ever take any donations, gifts from any of them and this is no joke.

    For, we must never be or be seen to be in the hip pockets of those people, and unafraid to – let us suppose we were to be at the helm of the government of this country – to lead the way in carrying out fundamental change – for the brighter and better – for the benefit of the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country and the country itself, or unafraid to seriously criticize such people and their wrong doings, for fear that we would lose such sponsorship. What foolishness!!

    • Jennifer September 12, 2017 at 11:13 pm

      You Donville is yet another one of those jesse Jacksons. Blind ingrunt and eating from the hog. Now you see why this people cannot get anywhere in this place. We black people are here under siege with much out dated systems in education, the church, justice etc which the oppressor gave us and we cannot see why we are not blossoming and producing financial fruit. The same people with all of the old money still currently own Barbados and is continuing to strangulate our people via our politicians we put in parliament.
      @You Mark Adamson is nothing but an educated, short sited moron and I know now which party I am not voting for. If Prescod did not get the food from RLSeale who would he have gotten it from, Massey distribution or the Goddards you idiot. Look at who own all the banks, gas stations, hotels, beach front properties, major supermarkets, broad street etc, sports arenas with old money. While our education minister fosters an education system which only produces educated coons like you and slaves for the minorities to ride. Now you see why this education minister is calling for women to have more children. Where is your Bank or Supermarket or Super store Mark. You are here pimping for a seat in parliament pulling the shoe shining card for support so that you can continue to carry on the onslaught of misleading the masses. Good going Trevor Prescod. Mark why do you not rally for reparations from these white people = maybe you will get my vote after you win the case idiot. People like you make me want to puke.

  3. David September 13, 2017 at 9:43 am

    Jennifer the foolishness you just wrote wants to make puke too.I know both Trevor & Mark very well. I was in a few organizations with Prescod, Comissiong & Denny.Believe me I give Mark my vote before I cast a vote for Prescod.
    Deceit & hypocrisy are the hallmarks of many of the so-called black conscious individuals masquerading as politicians

  4. Helicopter(8P) September 13, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Don you could not have said it better! What in the world are we interested in past “hick ups” we as a present day Barbados need to step forward be present and accounted for. It’s a beautiful thing to know your country’s past but not to live it in a new decade where the minds of the next generation are being stagnated by historical complexes.

  5. Greengiant September 13, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    They all need to be voted out of politics. Both parties should fight for the opposition benches like school children in a crowded classroom.


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