Caesar must pay drug fine

A 22-year-old unemployed man who pleaded guilty to several cannabis charges has six weeks to pay the District ‘A’ Traffic Court a $2,500 fine.

Acting Magistrate Sandra Rawlins imposed the amount on Christopher Anderson Caesar of Champaign Land, Martindales Road, St Michael today.

The cannabis, which weighed 24 grammes and had an estimated street value of $310, was found in his home when police executed a search warrant yesterday.

Caesar was charged with possession, possession with intent to supply and trafficking of the drug, as well as possession of a grinder which was used as apparatus for the misuse of the drug.

After explaining to the acting magistrate his reasons for having the illicit substance, he was slapped with the fine for the trafficking charge. He will spend three months in prison if he doesn’t pay up by October 24.

Caesar must also perform 240 hours of community service by January next year on the possession charge.

He was reprimanded and discharged for the other offences.

2 Responses to Caesar must pay drug fine

  1. Kaiser Sose
    Kaiser Sose September 12, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    Why not let him do community service put him on house arrest with ankle monitor! cleaning up bridge town and oistins, he is unemployed were is he going to get $2500 to pay a fine. You magistrates are stuuuppess you all must really sit on your brains.
    You are now going to force this young man to go score and sell more ganja so you inadvertently just promoted more illegal marijuana purchase and sales.
    People get rid of these useless judges, you all need to vote them in by ballot box measure so you can fire them in 2 or 4 years if they a if they make stupid decisions like this on.

  2. gsmiley September 12, 2017 at 11:38 pm

    He can borrow the money to pay the fine from his parents Kaiser.


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