Bajans send supplies to hurricane-ravaged Anguilla

The hurricane-battered British overseas territory of Anguilla will in three days welcome a Barbadian vessel carrying water and needed supplies.

The private yacht, Schooner RUTH, under the command of Captain Derrick Scheper, and with a crew of nine, set sail today from the Coast Guard HMBS Port with the aid from the Barbadian public.

The island suffered the fury of category five Hurricane Irma’s 185-mile per hour winds last Wednesday, leaving in its wake a ravaged island of approximately 15,000 people.   

Scheper initiated a relief effort last Thursday, and it received overwhelming response from Barbadians who were eager to donate.

“What if it was us, what would we think? Would we want other people to come to our assistance?” Scheper told Barbados TODAY.

“We can take care of ourselves if we just come together,” he added.

Anguillan Mark Connor, who had been stranded at Grantley Adams International Airport since Friday September 8, after all flights to his homeland were cancelled, was a member of the crew.

As he hopped onto the ship to load the supplies, he told Barbados Today he was thankful for the overwhelming response, but he was looking forward to returning home to his family.

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  1. Helicopter(8P) September 13, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    To all Anguillans we wish you the best of recovery and we’re hoping all emergency needs are being met . We Barbadians have always had close ties with you especially with the St Mary’s Anglican Church Choir of Bridgetown, the Church Lads Brigade and family members who resided there.


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