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Following an earlier presentation by its parent company, PVH Holdings Inc., Barbados TODAY, through its “Touch” initiative, made yet another contribution to the Christian Learning Clinic at Kew Road in Tudor Bridge, St. Michael, today.

The school started 32 years ago when Loretta Lashley returned to Barbados from Canada with two severely disabled sons whom the local school system could not accommodate, and ever since then, she has assisted other parents in a similar predicament. The school now has twelve students of all ages, from preschoolers to adults.

In association with Cost-U-Less, Barbados TODAY Touch presented the school with two hampers and a box full of foodstuffs and cleaning products. During the presentation, Barbados TODAY‘s Marketing Manager, Johan Crichlow, said “We appreciate the work you have done for our community over the last 32 years. It is a wonderful achievement, and we wanted to do our part to bring a smile to everyone here at the clinic.”

Meanwhile, in thanking the companies for the donation, 31-year-old Kasheena Bishop, a student at the school, spoke about her experience at the school, which she joined at seven years old when her mother lost her job and could no longer afford to pay school fees.

“When I started at the centre, I could not speak or understand instructions, but by the time I was eleven years old, I began singing solos and reciting Psalms in concerts, at Gospelfest, and leading worship services in local churches, as well as at churches in St. Vincent and Canada.”

Yvette Griffith of Cost-U-Less commended the school for its work and stated her company was pleased to be part of the presentation.

Crichlow concluded, “We would love to do more in the future to the great work you are doing. With this contribution, you’ll be cooking and eating for many days, and you will have the products you need to clean up afterwards,” he quipped.

The Christian Learning Clinic is presently undergoing renovation. The building is being repainted, and has had new wood paneling installed in the kitchen and the hallway. 

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