Child mother pays

Woman ordered to compensate her victim

Young women must find employment and stop depending on others to support them financially!

This was the advice from acting Magistrate Sandra Rawlins as she ordered Shakira Krishna Williams of Block 1C, Bagatelle Gardens, St Thomas to compensate the father of her child for the damage done to his car.

Last week the 25-year-old mother admitted to twisting the windscreen wipers, breaking both mirrors and leaving scratch marks on the bonnet and on one of the doors of Tony Jones’ car on August 19.

When Jones appeared in the District ‘A’ Traffic Court today he told the acting magistrate that all he had been able to do so far was to get an estimate of the needed repairs, but that he was yet to fix the damaged vehicle.

Appearing for Williams as a friend of the court, attorney Kamisha Benjamin said the accused woman was sorry for her actions. She also made it clear that the unemployed woman was unable to pay Jones the $2,069 needed for the repairs and suggested that as a first time offender, Williams should be placed on a bond to keep the peace or given community service instead of being made to compensate the victim for the crime.

In fact, Benjamin revealed that Williams was unable to afford “basic necessities” and “was totally dependent” on Jones.

However, the acting magistrate said she could not ignore that fact that Williams had allowed her “emotions to overcome her”.

“What she did was terribly wrong and she must know that her action [has] consequences,” the acting magistrate said before ordering Williams to pay Jones $600 by October 5 and three equal payments of $489. 87 in November, December and January next year.

If she fails to pay the amount she will have to spend three months in jail. Williams was also placed on a bond to keep the peace for the next 12 months. If breached she will have to pay the Bridgetown court $1,000 forthwith or spend three months in prison.

“Every action you take has consequences, think things through. You cannot look for someone to take care of you financially, you are looking for trouble and to get used.

“My advice to young women is that this is a recipe for disaster,” the acting magistrate said as she urged Williams to find employment to support herself.

No conviction will be recorded against Williams if she pays the money in the allotted time.

One Response to Child mother pays

  1. Sue Donym September 6, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    Good decision.
    This way Ms Williams won’t feel she got away with it. The victim won’t be further put out by having to bear the cost of repairs. And Ms Williams will have good motivation to keep herself better occupied.
    Move on.


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