Hotel making health waves

Waves Hotel and Spa by Elegant Hotels is capitalizing on the health and wellness tourism business.

General Manager Kim Lewis said this aspect of the industry is becoming increasingly important, with more tourists asking questions about what they eat. And she said it’s an area tourism officials could promote more as part of the Barbados visitor experience.

“You get a lot of persons who don’t eat this or that; they are very mindful of what ingredients you are using. So I think that is part of the attraction for Waves – the fact that we sell that to the guests; you know, in terms of the freshness, the organics and all that we put into the . . . wellness aspect of it,” said Lewis.

The hotel’s 130 staff members are fully involved in this approach. The hotel manager explained that in keeping with promoting good health, management is practicing what it preaches by exposing staff to health and wellness activities.

Staff were able to have their blood pressure and sugar tested.

Lewis was speaking to the media during Waves’ recent health fair. The event formed part of the week of activities in celebration of the one-year anniversary of the 70-room, Prospect Bay, St James property which reopened on August 15, 2016, following renovations.

Health professionals and institutions were on hand to answer questions and give staff valuable health tips on issues ranging from cancer and mental health to exercise, healthy eating and drinking. The hotel employees also got the opportunity to check their blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Other activities for the week included a spa day, a church service, a luncheon and a day of fun and entertainment.

“Each of our hotels within the Elegant Hotels Group [has] a concept and the concept for Waves is health and wellness. So, if we want our staff to be able to portray this to our guests, we then need to educate them and, of course, get them to live by what we say we are selling.

“So, health and wellness is very important . . . not only as it pertains to their job but also to their lifestyle, because if we have healthy and happy staff then we get wonderful, happy guests, which in turn [would result in high] occupancy,” explained Lewis.

Although not giving details, she said the hotel has been experiencing “some very healthy occupancies” since its reopening.

Source: (MM)

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